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2021.10.22 18:26 thorbowski17 Gemma Chan

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2021.10.22 18:26 BJntheRV Advanced Arts

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2021.10.22 18:26 Jacobmb_Music I don’t know who needs to hear this, but stop trying to clear this stage the intended way. It’s in God’s hands now.

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2021.10.22 18:26 VirtualStick7296 Personal theory: AGP is about manifesting a sexual partner(s) that doesn't exist

Most people on here will probably say this is obvious (or maybe totally disagree) but just had some thoughts about AGP that i wanted to write out in order to get them off my chest.
Just point blank: The purpose of males existing is to impregnate as many females as possible in order to pass on their genes to the next generation (aka replicate themselves as many times as possible before inevitably dying).
AGP as we know it now is some kind of misfiring of attraction on to the self through what some are calling the ETLE (lets not dispute the accuracy of said idea though). I think the ability for some males to become AGP has always been there... however i think in the last 20-30 years its become increasingly more and more difficult for males to achieve satisfying relationships with females through rather radical shifts in our culture. Obviously people have become more and more anti-social/lonely and yet their instinctual desire to procreate still lingers on.
This is where AGP comes in in order to trick the mind into believing it's with its desired partner by literally becoming what it desires. It seems like some of us males are hyper reactionary/over stimulated by things that symbolize femininity. It kind of reminds me of the Pavlov's Dog thing where the dog salivates when it hears the bell ring, because the dog has been conditioned to associate the bell ringing with dinner time. Same thing can be applied with AGP where just adorning femininity for ourselves triggers a somewhat primitive instinct of "female is near, must get ready for sex". It's only through culture and the objects that symbolize femininity that condition us males to have such a response.
So in a way its like AGP is able to bypass all of the standard courting procedures required to attract a female by literally just becoming the female. Maybe in an AGPs brain, it's not able to distinguish between what reaction to femininity actually contributes to procreation. It's almost like firing the cannon prematurely but not knowing if you actually hit the target. So to the brain of an AGP, just putting on a dress or acting like a woman is enough to convince the mind it's about to have sex which results in an erection and sometimes ejaculation. This repeated experience seem to condition us to have a codependence on this hyper sensitivity to adorned femininity, so much so that many of us shape our entire lives around it. Why? Because it feels fucking good. It's like dopamine hit at the drop of a hat, very similar to porn. As many will know this turns into almost a relationship with oneself where engaging in this behavior no longer becomes about just sex and is something that stabilizes out and becomes the new norm. I can attest to this as a crossdresser where certain looks over-time just don't sexually excite me as much as they used to but i'd still much rather dress that way then dress in guy clothing.
Anyway to wrap up...
Dating/relationships are tough already and if the purpose of males is to pass on their genes as much as they can... i could see how the brain would want to find ways to convince itself it's having sex when it's actually not. In this way AGP makes so much logical sense to me and explains so much as to why transgenderism/gender nonconformity has taken off in the last 5-6 years.
Just my 2 cents, i'm sure i'll get torn to shreds here with my faulty thinking but i enjoy having open discussions like these (:
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2021.10.22 18:26 ArcGirly_CD Happy Joy look what came in the mail now I’m just waiting on the hello kitty one

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2021.10.22 18:26 BananaPalmer Killing two playlist birds with one stone

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2021.10.22 18:26 Bigjay1802 The curse of Devil's Pool and 19 lives lost: The legend behind Queensland's most haunted spot.

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2021.10.22 18:26 MFrick_420 Didn't know this was a thing!

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2021.10.22 18:26 tuxString Spoiled by build guides. Having trouble building my own. Discouraged but really want to dig in and have some fun.

Hey all,
I jumped into Last Epoch after playing a ton of Wolcen. I have an issue with both games. I love them both but I really suck and building characters.
I start something and push it for a while, at which point I realize I'm weak and ineffective and I need to bail. Usually by this point, a respec is tough because I'll be left extra weak and I've progressed to a point where it just makes it really tough and not that fun anymore.
Sooo, I've followed along with a couple builds in Wolcen and Last Epoch both. Immediately, the characters feel more powerful in the first 5-10 levels than my garbage does at higher levels.
I've been spoiled. I just can't "see the path," ahead of me when starting these builds on my own.
Does anyone have any suggestions. I really want to dig in again but I don't want to waste anymore time and I don't want to spend my time copying other peoples builds, point for point. I don't even want to be inspired by other builds. I just want to stumble across something that feels fun to play and go with it but I keep failing at it. I'm sure anything I come up with has been done so I just don't even want to know what's out there, if that makes sense. I want that wonder and satisfaction when things get stronger and the game gets "easier."
I find myself favoring ranged characters because I like to stay out of the fray and not mess with drinking potions. I get tired of being fragile though. Pure tanks are something I sort of have stayed away from. I haven't been drawn to anything like that yet. I like the early game Primalist and Ice Thorn feel but I can't see how to turn that into something that gets moving like a build guide character and I don't want to go find one to copy. I don't want to mess with totems either, even though I've found them to be a big help.
Copied a mage and got to the endgame content but even then, I only followed part of the guide and tried my hand at the rest... the character isn't that great and easily dies in boss fights.
I just wanna get my Last Epoch on but I'm discouraged.
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2021.10.22 18:26 PsychWardTheGame Writing a rev based contract

My artist is brand new to game dev and she's also a relative. I really want to support her financially but I don't have the financial resources to do that.
I'd like to draw up a rev based contract so she gets a cut of the $0.38 the game will probably make. I also want to clarify my expectations like how much art I expect and what deadlines are important to me. I know she'll be open to a contract so that's not a worry.
My questions are:

  1. What's a good percentage to give her?
  2. Can I still have full ownership even if she gets some of the revenue?
  3. What are some good expectations of an artist? Like if I asked for a character a month is that too much?
  4. What are some general tips and guidelines?
  5. Does anyone have an example I could use?
This isn't going to be notarized or created by a lawyer or anything. It's more about communication and setting expectations up.
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2021.10.22 18:26 give_me_train_plz Prestige skin

Hi, i have à question, will skin like kDa all out kaisa prestige, psy ops eareal prestige... Be buyable by the end of this year, in the last shop... Cuz i dont know if i keep m'y prestige token or not..
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2021.10.22 18:26 Chickengobrrr New book with a scp feel to it

The book in question is "The Buried." By Mellisa Grey. The main appeal is that they are in a bunker because the sun will kill you. Sound familiar ain't it? This reinforces my idea scp books should exist. The scp I compared the sun to is one of the many SCP-001 debates. The variant is "When day breaks." Of course both kill differently. Like me do yall think scp books should exist? If they shouldn't, Why?
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2021.10.22 18:26 Ok-Sir1035 What did I get myself into

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2021.10.22 18:26 snapdragon529 Poll: thoughts on small sessions for the main island

If I setup some smaller sessions on the main island to catch up people on past updates, is there interest?
View Poll
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2021.10.22 18:26 Brutally-Blunt Her Too

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2021.10.22 18:26 _oscarzulu First piece of Skeleton Punk Trio on Foundation

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2021.10.22 18:26 shadowtemplar91 Film I can't remember the name of

I'm trying to remember the name of a movie I saw years ago I think it was called witchcraft the only thing I remember was an older woman gets hung from the top of the chimney and burns alive with her mouth stitched together but I can't find any info online so I don't know if it was named something different in other countries I'm in the UK if that helps any
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2021.10.22 18:26 YunusEmre64 3 Milf 1 Guy 😎

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2021.10.22 18:26 ZoolShop Elon Musk says SpaceX could launch Starship orbital flight test next month

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2021.10.22 18:26 KiwiCoconutPeach Help me settle this argument with my partner (not covid related)

So the movie Dune is coming out and my partner and I cannot agree on the proper way to say the Du at the beginning.
I said different people pronounce it in different ways depending on where they're from but I pronounce the first two letters in Dune like "Due" (this report is due tomorrow) or dew (love the smell of morning dew) probably closer to "June". Sand Dunes not Sand Doons.
My partner says "Doon" like "do" with a hard D or Dog doo doo.
Then he proceeds to show me a bunch of Americans reviewing the movie saying Doon. But we aren't American we don't speak American English. I appreciate the internet has changed the way we say a lot of things.
How do you pronounce Dune?
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2021.10.22 18:26 qtWraith Upcoming Store Bundle files according to autismgaming420 (including Market & returning Dinomite Wattson)

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2021.10.22 18:26 -0op This looks like a case written by Gosho

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2021.10.22 18:26 PoundInternational66 All Free Clear Mighty Pacs, Odor Lifters, Snuggle Liquid Softener or Scent Shakes Just $2.50 at Dollar General!

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2021.10.22 18:26 Conscious-Ad-2582 Anyone want to argue with me?

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2021.10.22 18:26 Firm-Boysenberry I really hate beef. The smell is absolutely disgusting and turns my stomach, and eating it always makes me sick. But I genuinely love steak tartar and eat it every chance I get.

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