@Reuters: Newborn zebra foal makes its debut at a zoo in Mexico 🦓 https://t.co/wIwwGUfDUB

2021.10.22 20:07 -en- @Reuters: Newborn zebra foal makes its debut at a zoo in Mexico 🦓 https://t.co/wIwwGUfDUB

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2021.10.22 20:07 RIPVector Dream On - Postmodern Jukebox ft. Morgan James (Aerosmith Cover)

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2021.10.22 20:07 Savkan Inflammation of perineum

Hi, I am M23, 110kg, sexually active I had this problem for many years, but in a last couple of weeks, itchiness and inflammation become unbearable .
So as a teenager I had this inflamed perineum, but over a years gradually, it become more noticeable. Then itchiness around anus, just like that. One night I couldn’t fall asleep how strong itch was. When I cross anus with toilet paper, it was kinda wet. Don’t know why. Its not something that happens often. For now, perineum is fine, but its just like this red patches right along perineum, that are kinda sore on touch. Also the itchiness of anus, its not that intense now, but overtime, its still kinda itchy, right around anus. Do i have some fungal infection?
Every website I visited said itchiness is product of not proper hygiene. But trust me, its not. Its like I have 2 different problems in the same are.
Please help.
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2021.10.22 20:07 RoBiNfOoD77 Feature Request - Improving usability of manually drawn objects, and access to layouts and templates

If you love TradingView as I do, you sure want it to get better and better at providing the most versatile and practical charting tools ever. So, there is something I feel could help most user out there and specially those, like me, who greatly value chart technical analysis. There is something which has been annoying me for a while and forcing me to use other charting platforms as aid, something I rather not be doing, and I would like to bring it up in case a solution to this may help others as well, and people feel like supporting it so the TradingView team strongly considers it for implementation.
I'm constantly trying to find and draw trend lines as well as S/R zones on charts, which helps me spotting potential reversals, and to place stop loss and take profit orders. In TradingView, these manually drawn objects are not preserved on the charts unless you save the chart as a layout, which kind of forces you to create one layout per ticker or group of tickers you frequently monitor, so you don't have to draw those objects over and over again, every time that particular ticker is called up. This alone wouldn't be as annoying, if you were able to quickly and easily open previously saved layouts, rather than needing 3 to 5 clicks plus typing the layout name, before you are able to watch it on the screen.
So, I'm proposing the following which, more than solving the issues that at least I have, will certainly improve charting and navigation around the platform for most users:

  1. Add a feature to provide the option to preserve drawn objects associated with a particular ticker, similar to what saving a layout does, but without the need of having go through the process of saving an calling up layouts when needed. Just autosave the objects and link them to the ticker, so they come up every time the ticker is called, and update the reference file as objects are added or deleted.
  2. As an alternative or complement to #1, create a tab on the right hand side navigation panel to access all the saved layouts, similar to a watchlist. In that way, all the saved layouts can be displayed in a list and quickly accessed with just one click. Include flagging, sectioning and sorting features along with it.
  3. Since we are already talking about creating navigation tabs for layouts, I have to propose to do the same for templates, so these can also be accessed easily and quickly. I know you mark them as favorite and a link will appear on the top bar, but this linked icon only displays the first letter of the template's name, so many times I find myself pausing on each one while hovering over them, to be able to read the name and select the one I'm looking for, which can consume precious seconds before making a decision about entering or exiting a trade. Having the names fully displayed and organized similar to a watchlist, could shorten the decision making process.
Please support this post if you think any of the proposed solutions could add value, not only to your trading but also to others' in the community. You can vote for your preferred option(s) below, if you feel like it... in the true TradingView spirit!
View Poll
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2021.10.22 20:07 FADIKALIL المغرب يسجل 430 إصابة و7 وفيات جديدة بكورونا

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2021.10.22 20:07 RaynondC Just finished the TV series and EoE

I’d ask what happened but I think I can make a grasp of it, I think.
They’re both the same endings yet entirely different.
The TV ending is that the Orange Fanta is making the entire cast(or more like the important ones) face themselves. They confront their traumas, personality’s, coping mechanisms, etc. I’m the end, everyone accepts that they were in the wrong and choose interconnectedness in the orange fanta. Which is what happened after Shinji realizes he doesn’t need to be a depresso expresso and everyone starts clapping, they all went through the same thing and are congratulating him. Now I assume that this orange fanta world is the same world we saw in the same episode, the one where Shinji lives a normal Slice of Life anime. So yeah, everyone is Orange Fanta.
In EoE however it’s sorta different, Shinji learns the same thing that he does in the TV anime, but chooses individuality over interconnectedness, more specifically, his own Individuality. I guess he realizes that while he shouldn’t rely on people to fix his own problems, instead of choosing to work out his problems with others, he just decides he don’t need no body and lives on with his own pain.
Now that’s just my own theory, and I honestly have no clue what really happened.
Like why does Asuka still have a physical form? Didn’t she die? Or turn into Orange Fanta? Also why was Shinji trying to strangle her? I know he did that in the dream where she rejects the shit out of him but why now?
Anyways, great series.
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2021.10.22 20:07 Ma1read I used to be so skinny lmaoo

pandemic ruined my fr
I peaked in 2019
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2021.10.22 20:07 ErikaGrace93 Has anybody cut off any of their toxic family members? And what was your experience of that?

Something happened recently which has opened up a can of worms for me and I’m resenting certain family members more and more who have hurt me badly in the past. Although I forgave them a year or two after these things happened (which is now close to 10 years ago), I suddenly can’t stop thinking about the pain they caused me and it’s impacting me now, I think about it every single day. It feels raw again.
Everything they do now keeps “proving” to me that they really are toxic. I’m seeing a counsellor to work through these things. But, ultimately, I’m wondering if I would be better off cutting these people out of my life.
I’m constantly left out of family things already and I’d rather take back the control by cutting them off rather than feeling upset by being left out all the time - if that makes sense? I feel like, because of the pain they caused me in the past, they should be around more now to make up for that - which I guess is unrealistic. I’m wondering what other people have experienced in similar circumstances. I’m talking about an auntie and some cousins.
Thanks for reading, would appreciate hearing your advice or experiences. xx
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2021.10.22 20:07 Brock_Chill R vs 6D mkii vs other suggestions?

Howdy y'all. So I've been in the photo game for several years now (mostly portraits, concerts, etc). I'm needing a new camera. Throughout college I was a campus photog so I had one on loan from them for my four years. If I needed anything better for bigger shoots (weddings and such) I'd rent a 6dmkii or a 5dmkiv. But I just graduated and am tired of renting and need something good. Not wanting to shell out $2500+ for a 5d, so I've settled on either the 6dmkii or the eos R, something in that price/quality range. What would y'all recommend?
Side note: i also do a lot of video work but I use Panasonic for that GH4 and GH5, so I'm not too focused on the video aspects of the canons I'm looking at.
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2021.10.22 20:07 maybedisneyvacation [MDV] How to throw a party for your doctor colleagues

Original Post
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2021.10.22 20:07 FADIKALIL داعش يتبنى هجوما استهدف برجا للكهرباء أغرق كابل بالظلام

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2021.10.22 20:07 gorgoth0 A 10/22 for 10/22

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2021.10.22 20:07 Neroidius I recently got both Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War when they were on sale in a bundle. When I make it a point to start playing them which one should I play first?

Answer my question
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2021.10.22 20:07 poopcicle1290 Cat error

I’m trying to launch Destiny 2 in Steam and I’m getting a Cat error. It was saying to make sure I have updated the game but in steam there is not anything for an update. Does anyone have any advise?
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2021.10.22 20:07 Mrsmoopiethethird Ovulation Bleeding

Hi all, just wondering if you get ovulation bleeding and if so, when did it start or did you always have it?
I’ve only started having it this year after struggling all my life so far (24F) with endo pain. This is new for me and I’m not used to it; working with and seeing my Dr before someone suggests it! All is clear on scans so far.
Also do you find it painful or uncomfortable?And in general any stories / advice / points about ovulation bleeding? Is this a sign endo is getting worse?
Thanks all!
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2021.10.22 20:07 -en- @Reuters: Ukraine offers Russia's Gazprom 50% tariff discount for extra gas transit https://t.co/LTJ0xYTDCR https://t.co/4Yn42wEhpN

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2021.10.22 20:07 white_bunn [urgent] need help and advice

In need of some fast professional help and advice like immediately ! Reddit community don’t let me down please.
I am studying private law and I can't seem to be able to find an interesting subject to treat for my bachelors thesis.
I want to have a masters degree in diplomacy in the future but I'm also very interested in humanitarian subjects.
The topics I mostly love are:

-Gender gap
-international private law
Please if you have any suggestion about a problem or a topic related the the ones above or maybe includes them all help me out.
I tried to read news and find underground untreated issues since I wanna stand out with this thesis but i couldn't find any, I’d really appreciate any helpful info.
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2021.10.22 20:07 stark16 Seahawks RB Alex Collins (groin) didn’t practice for the second straight day. Seattle plays the Saints on Monday night. The Seahawks also designated RB Rashaad Penny to return off of injured reserve today.

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2021.10.22 20:07 FADIKALIL أردوغان يهدد روسيا بضربات ساحقة بالأسلحة الثقيلة في سوريا

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2021.10.22 20:07 Li-s-Ink-World Chinese Brush Painting: Lotus | 中國畫之蓮花

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2021.10.22 20:07 my_coll_cont_bot When A Sleepover Goes Wrong - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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2021.10.22 20:07 -en- @Reuters: A persistent drought has not prevented flowers from blooming in the sand dunes of Chile's Atacama, the world's most arid desert https://t.co/ncoOWB92WQ https://t.co/sDg1TlFjqm

@Reuters: A persistent drought has not prevented flowers from blooming in the sand dunes of Chile's Atacama, the world's most arid desert https://t.co/ncoOWB92WQ https://t.co/sDg1TlFjqm submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 20:07 Saquenmedeelsalvador EN SERIO SE VE ASI EL REMASTERED?

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2021.10.22 20:07 Consistent-Eye-9278 Come funziona le superiori in Germania?

Sera a tutti, sto pomeriggio ho parlato con un vecchio amico che si trasferito in Germania quando frequentevamo le medie, chiedendogli cosa stesse facendo in questo momento, mi risponde niente e aggiunge che vorrebbe iscriversi a ingegneria ma che il suo diploma delle superiori gli permette di iscriversi solo a determinati corsi e che se vorrebbe fare ingegneria dovrebbe tornare alle superiori e fare altri due anni e prendere la maturità "completa".
Il che io gli dico "quindi tu hai una preso una qualifica, tipo quella che danno alcuni istituti tecnici/professionali al terzo anno" lui conferma quel che ho detto, e qui mi ha fatto sorgere parecchi dubbi, perché qui una qualifica non ti abilita a frequentare nessun corso universitario che io sappia e credo sia cosi anche nei altro paesi europei.
Poi ipotizziamo che quel che mi ha detto è vero, con il diploma che ha lui può iscriversi ad alcuni corsi, ipotizziamo legge; frequenta il primo anno, scopre che legge non fa per lui e decide di cambiare corso e ne sceglie uno in cui gli potrebbero essere riconosciuti alcuni esami del dell anno precedente ma scopre infine che per il nuovo corso gli serve la maturità quella "completa", che fa? Torna alle superiori per altri due anni per poi iscriversi poi all università successivamente?
Ogni risposta che mi dava mi faceva venire sempre più dubbi, non volevo sembrare malizioso chiedendogli conferme e altri dettagli.
Perciò chiedo voi, come funzionano le superiori e l'ingresso all'università in Germania?
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2021.10.22 20:07 Bigger_ThanLife How much does 1 skill boost add per attribute?

I never understood this concept. You get a boost but how big is that boost in numbers?
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