Dua Lipa

2021.10.22 20:24 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Dua Lipa

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2021.10.22 20:24 gothjunkie worried i won’t pass skills test

hello everyone. i’m in my first week of CNA training. all of my other classmates seem to do so well on skills and are so good at talking and communicating. yet when it’s my turn, i get so nervous and frequently forget what to do or say. i feel like such a failure and i’m so afraid i’m not going to pass. will more experience and possibly clinicals help me? if i can barely do well with mannequins, i’m terrified of working with real patients. anyone have advice?
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2021.10.22 20:24 cjmarsh725 Can I just give a shout-out to whoever made this the Reddit banner?

Can I just give a shout-out to whoever made this the Reddit banner?
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2021.10.22 20:24 therealgariac ROYAL34 over the DNWR 10/22/2021

Some activity over the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. https://i.imgur.com/gRvVBnr.jpg
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2021.10.22 20:24 IHerebyDemandtoPost Where are the workers? Cutoff of jobless aid spurs no influx

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2021.10.22 20:24 limequartz Why do dogs eat less than humans do if they're more active than us?

I babysit two dogs from two different houses and they both eat twice a day. They run a lot, they get the zoomies, they trot around the house when they're indoors. So why do humans have breakfast, lunch and dinner just to sit around and work/go to school/etc 9 hours a day?
I understand that humans and dogs are built differently, I just find the 2 meals thing odd considering all the running and playing they do, and the fact that I'll be hungry enough for 3 meals a day when I'm doing nothing but studying or very low-energy daily tasks. And yes, I get that humans should exercise more, but we don't, and 3 meals a day still seems to be the framework.
Bonus question: Should we ignore hunger? I imagine dogs get hungry between their two meals, and they don't really have much of a way to tell us, but two meals is best for them. Again, sorry for comparing canines and primates here, I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around this. If the answer is literally just "we're different types of animals", I guess I can deal with that.
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2021.10.22 20:24 sunflowertech Never took the flu shot in my life, should I take it whilst pregnant?

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2021.10.22 20:24 n0ahbody GP Bob Gill Outlines the US Corporate Takeover of the British NHS

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2021.10.22 20:24 FerretingAboot Ever wonder if you're going too far?

So I'm currently working through the big first draft of my first full length horror novel, it's exciting, daunting and bloody frustrating at times, still I'm ridiculously happy to be making so much progress.
However a thought has been nagging at me, I've really got in touch with stuff that freaks me out, not just the creepy/suspenseful aspects but the stuff that really sticks with you, channeling those rare moments from movies and books that make my skin crawl. It's not necessarily the goriest thing but what I'm working on builds up to something pretty damn unsettling.
Now I'm chuffed with this, I'm writing horror, I wanna get under the readers skin like a splinter, but I am curious, do any of you fellow spooky folks ever write something and think "this might be a bit much for some people"?
I'd love to hear your experiences!
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2021.10.22 20:24 Luka97kg Dthang🕊 King Von 🕊 Lil Durk, found this on ig 🔥

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2021.10.22 20:24 FlamerFirong The real target behind lvl14

A lot of the posts have covered how SC manipulated its fanbase by announcing unreasonable "new content", which practically changes nothing but demanding players to donate more time and money in order to maintain the status quo. Moreover, the resources required grow exponentially with each level. But the real reason they would ever commit such a atrocious crime is that the game is dying already. There are no new players joining in.
The greatest victim of this change is the newcomers, excited to climb the ladder and experience high-level plays, they grind and grind, only to be discouraged by the massive level difference and thus potentially quitting the game. The risk of blocking new players can't possibly be overlooked. Which can only mean there are none, and in order to generate profit they must squeeze the gold out of the rest of us, the most dedicated players that stuck to the game because of its unique playstyle, since adding new content and balancing proved difficult.
This is a desperate act to take whatever they can before abandoning the game for good. The only way to keep them from the downward spiral is to fight against this change, or who knows when lvl 15 might be announced? Lvl 16? 17? They won't stop until all the dedicated players eventually quit, because they know this group is the most reliable source of income, and they must prevent them from stop giving milk, stop purchasing the monthly pass.
If a partial compensation is enough to make the playerbase compromise, then similar tactics will be repeated in the next few years.
I still like this game. Do not let that happen.
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2021.10.22 20:24 InfiniVoid Transparent, blister-like, not painful bumps on my imner thigh

27m 245lbs, no medications, non smoker.
These popped up about a month and a half ago. I first thought they were acne, tried to pop one, and it became a blood blister but still didn't pop. I've been taking care to gently clean the area, but no luck so far in reducing them. There's no pain or discomfort, but it is unsightly.
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2021.10.22 20:24 thatguy82688 Help ps4 ds3 aldrich

Anor londo bonfire Pw thatguy
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2021.10.22 20:24 Wolvesup1993 PAC-12 is tough. 0-1 in conference play.

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2021.10.22 20:24 Hawkguy3221 M4F/TS 25 looking for some fun in the DSM area. DM me!

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2021.10.22 20:24 einkcheap Last Exit to Brooklyn (An Evergreen book); Hubert Selby-Jr; (Kindle; $1.99)

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2021.10.22 20:24 Comfortable_Box_3460 To those of you who tried to trade dwac and phun today and was totally lost. 🤯🤬🤬

So today I got in only $250 and bought 75 shares of phun at 7.07. Before you know it was climbing hard. Halted and climb more hard. Hit a peak. Of 24. I was up $1000+ who think the hour. Then it tanked. It halted then halted again. I tried to sell. My order didn’t go through it opened then immediately halted. Couldn’t sell my shares fast enough. Put in a sell order it sold my shares for 9$ and change lost all my gains.
I couldn’t do a thing about getting out fast enough between halts and what not.
It was exciting and scary ultimately turned in to disappointment.
This is what amc will be like it’s going to climb hard. And like Lou is saying your orders may not process.
I can’t imagine what I would do if it hit 100k and won’t let me sell some shares.
Mora of the story have your game plan ready and how to work. If you’ve never traded on a volatile stock many people will be lost. HAVE A GAME PLAN!!!!!
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2021.10.22 20:24 Robinjo1985 Hayden Christensen returning to 'Star Wars' in new show

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2021.10.22 20:24 Kratos3269 Mind blowing

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2021.10.22 20:24 Crypto-Peter-Pan Beefy.Finance | New beethoven-x vaults on Fantom

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2021.10.22 20:24 Fabricio_AF Gotta make them turn on each other!

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2021.10.22 20:24 austinicepocalypse What is your strongest & preferred City Starting 11?

If I had to win an important match, I would do this:
Ederson Cancelo — Laporte — Dias — Walker Bernardo — Rodri Foden — KDB — Mahrez Jesus
In 4-2-3-1 fashion giving Jesus the freedom to blitz around the pitch as he pleases. Foden/Mahrez/KDB super fluid in attack.
If losing, switch Walker for Ake. Play with back 3 in attack let Cancelo join the attack.
If Mahrez is off that day, or if we are missing goal scoring chances, sub him with Torres and make Jesus/Torres switch places.
Not sure why I started this but here we are now. Cheers!
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2021.10.22 20:24 Aliciamcdne how to get feather plume and dinosaur claw

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2021.10.22 20:24 robologan does it hurt worse than rx stims?

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2021.10.22 20:24 TruthToPower77 Let’s not anger the peaceful orange cult.

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