Benign and the Steelmanville Road Legacy [Exclusive]

2021.10.22 19:39 sarkarneelratan Benign and the Steelmanville Road Legacy [Exclusive]

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2021.10.22 19:39 JustaCanOf7up My 2004 4.7 Durango’s transmission light keeps popping on and off…

So for the past few months the light has been popping on and off like my transmission is overheating but I don’t smell the smell of hot metal or anything sweet, and about a minute after it pops on it will pop right back off… I can also drive 40 minutes to work everyday and it won’t come on but a 3 minute drive to the grocery store will make it go on… I also got my transmission serviced when it first came on and they said it was in good shape… so y’all have any clue what could be wrong?
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2021.10.22 19:39 Yenserl6099 Delicious soap

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2021.10.22 19:39 bugboy81937 New meme template?

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2021.10.22 19:39 kolomental87 Does anyone know what this is? I tapped him and he jumped up and like hopped into the ground to disappear.

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2021.10.22 19:39 uneamereveuse Brow Lift, Upper Bleph or both?

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2021.10.22 19:39 mufasa_lionheart Apparently rabbit snails were named for how prolific they are

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2021.10.22 19:39 pumpkin2500 quick question about application portal

heyo! i applied to un-l and got a login to the application portal. when i go on status it says "Thank you for applying to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We have received your application, but there may be a few items you still need to submit before we can review your file. Visit your To Dos to view any remaining documents you need to submit."
this makes it sound like theres definitely something i have to submit. i double checked and the to do page is blank. i disabled my adblocker and looked at the printed page to make sure. is this something everyone gets?
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2021.10.22 19:39 TH3SOULTAKER Electric Light Orchestra is underrated

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2021.10.22 19:39 qiling Camus had a solution to absurdity in the myth of Sisyphus Here is another

Camus had a solution to absurdity in the myth of Sisyphus Here is another
Magister colin leslie dean the only modern Renaissance man with 9 degrees including 4 masters: B,Sc, BA, B.Litt(Hons), MA, B.Litt(Hons), MA, MA (Psychoanalytic studies), Master of Psychoanalytic studies, Grad Cert (Literary studies)
He is Australia's leading erotic poet: poetry is for free in pdf
THE Tragical Life of FAUST
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2021.10.22 19:39 SuperSaiyanwich New Alternator, Good/Charged Battery, car won't start. Engine won't turn and the starter relay isn't bad. What could the issue be?

I'm at a loss. Have a 2012 Ford Focus SE. Recently had the clutch swapped out. Was driving and my battery light came on so I pulled off to an oreillys and found out that my alternator was shot. Got the alternator swapped out and the battery charged up, but the car won't start. All of the electronics turn on fine inside and outside but the engine doesn't turn at all. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do? I'd really rather not have to get it towed to a shop but it's looking like my only option.
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2021.10.22 19:39 Rock_the_Ghost15 Round 2 for these Baldwin memes

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2021.10.22 19:39 eveningstarx [Vent] Having to put myself in pain to avoid being checked out

(I have DDs. I feel guilty for venting because I know I'm at least blessed that they're on the smaller side of BigBoobProblems. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, that's not my intention)
I wear a binder, and it helps tremendously, but it makes me dizzy, lightheaded, I get acid reflux, I sweat a lot which gives me itching and rashes since it can't evaporate, chest acne (I even developed a cyst), and it also makes my neck, shoulders, and back hurt if I wear it for a full day. I wish I could have A cups so I wouldn't have to put myself in pain.
At the end of the day, I have to deal with the pain the binder caused, and I have to endure seeing my breasts when I shower or change clothes. I can't even stand looking at them even without anyone else around. My insurance only covers breast reduction for physical pain issues, and I have no physical pain symptoms in a normal bra. I can't wear sports bras because they don't make me flat enough and just give me a uniboob. I've also tried wearing an undersized binder (2 sizes smaller), but I got costochondritis and a slipped rib and it took a while before I could even wear a regular binder again.
I'm so upset that I have to live life in physical pain just to avoid the emotional pain. I'm a cis woman and use she/her pronouns so my insurance won't cover my surgery. They only cover it for trans men (not non-binary people or women) if they have been on T for one year.
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2021.10.22 19:39 1975xPro The APPLE to SILVER RATIO hit 50.2 today. The market cap of Apple Computer is $2.5t. The spot price of silver x two billion known London Good Delivery Bars (1000oz) are the components to the ratio. If Ape had the skills of Mr. Ditch the graph would be interesting - especially over the next decade.

The APPLE to SILVER RATIO hit 50.2 today. The market cap of Apple Computer is $2.5t. The spot price of silver x two billion known London Good Delivery Bars (1000oz) are the components to the ratio. If Ape had the skills of Mr. Ditch the graph would be interesting - especially over the next decade. submitted by 1975xPro to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 19:38 livinginboston I'm going balls deep

Selling most of my stock positions next week and putting it all in Algorand. Also, trying to get around the massive fees my 401k charges and dumping it all in Algorand. Please stay below $2 till the eom.
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2021.10.22 19:38 KamWorks_3D A little holiday tidings for you Trekkies out there. TYPE-22 PHASER Chassis. Happy 10/22 Day

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2021.10.22 19:38 Andrew2Alexandra 23 [M4F] #Ireland Dublin Nerdy guy looking for something.

Hey, Me a nerd. me doing business and finance in college. fucking flying through the first term. I've got an over organized schedule, my assignments are done in a week and I'm so bored at home. I used to game a lot but not feeling it atm. played a lot of csgo and it's the best but i just don't feel it.
My hobbies are, Gaming, Computers, Youtube, Reading, and currently using excel for my college assignments. I have done some crazy stuff on it, most of it is useless and doesn't have a purpose yet. but when it does it's cracked! Also, playing a little bit of cold war zombies on the down time. always nice to play the crap out of the new maps and then get bored. Not a Warzone player. I have only played Zoms. I would play multiplayer but it put me off last cod because i got into a sweaty group of players and it was just so cringy.
Current Music Playlist
I'm also a self made bar man and manager of 2 Home bars. I make sure the guest of my employers are satisfied! I have not done any training in the service or worked a job in the service industry.
I have made a document that shows you what i have made that pretty cool on excel. it's gonna be on my profile.
I'm interested in some funny business but not all the time, i want some real connection. not a connection based on me being the horny little slutty sub.
SO, what i am.
Lowkey furry, Femboi, Crossdresser, Bottom/Submissive,
BDSM, Petplay, Bondage, CGL, Anal, domestic service, Modeling for erotic photos, Sensory deprivation, Shaving (body hair) and a lot more but those can be classes as my favorites.
Please contact me with a valid c.v. that has been updated in the last 6 months and life experience of 18 years and above
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2021.10.22 19:38 getrigged P102 battery, was in sleep mode, charged to 17v, still not recognized by charger, can I reset it somehow?

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2021.10.22 19:38 GingerWorth Pig slottering scam on dating sites

I thought I would share my experience with this scam that seems to be going around quite rapidly in the United States. I just downloaded Hinge after being in a relationship for three years and getting over a breakup, feeling that it was time to branch out and see what was out there. I matched with this gorgeous Chinese man, who claimed to be from New York. We quickly began talking on WhatsApp, I would get frequent photos, and voice messages. We started talking every day, he would teach me his language and we would talk about our values, how we would parent, marriage goals, where we would like to travel and so much more. He told me he owned a furniture manufacturing company in China, and was currently in Seattle doing some business, but was planning to fly to me in Philadelphia when he finished his portion of the work. I felt really good about him, finally, a man who knew what he wanted, was very traditional and seemed to know how to treat a woman. He brought up to me in passing that he frequently traded cryptocurrency on the side, showing me screenshots of him making up to 20,000 in one day. I did not engage too much in this conversation as it felt weird to me to discuss money after knowing someone for a week, I also did not want it to blind my feelings for him because I did not want to be seduced with money. Later he began talking about it a bit more, saying things like " I want you to fall in love with me with my crypto knowledge." I thought that's strange, but maybe he is passionate and wants to teach me something that is one of his "hobbies". I eventually told him I would try it, and he started explaining the wire transfer to me. My alarm bells went off when I transferred the money into coinbase using my debit card, making the money transfer take 5-7 days as opposed to going right away. He told me I should have "trusted" him and should have wired it, but he will be "patient" with me. Anyways, later that night I was doing some research on the subreddit, China, and searched "dating" and discovered another gal who had basically experienced the same thing. Google did not produce any reverse image search results, but another Chinese website did that I found while searching this scam further on Reddit. I ended up finding him and calling him out, telling him to do better and saying he owed me an apology. He kept trying to deny it, then eventually blocked me.
Anyways, I thought I would post this for others who come across this on their online dating journey so that they have another story to reference. I am currently trying to heal from this and am quite thankful that I was able to realize the truth before losing any money. I truly thought I would finish my masters program and start a cool life with a kind, sensible, traditional man. Working through my emotions will this has been sorrowing thus far, but hey these things happen, as many of you who frequent this subreddit know. Stay smart out there ya'll, these scammers are getting good.
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2021.10.22 19:38 BagerCast Sunny on Instagram: 의상을 샵에서 입고 출발하면 기분이 좋거든요.. 거울 셀카 맛집♡

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2021.10.22 19:38 ubetter7 Lisa Boothe. Absolutely Gorgeous Woman

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2021.10.22 19:38 Salt-Try6280 H:Caps W: flamer fuel atleast 2k+

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2021.10.22 19:38 Krethon Fix UI for phones with a notch? Please?

I’m playing on an iPhone 13 Mini, and while not unplayable, the game is far less enjoyable without being able to see my current balance (without doing some sort of tab switch shenanigans). Forgive me as I am not an app developer, but this doesn’t seem like it should be such a difficult thing to solve (even if it’s some rough solution like just reducing overall display area to avoid the notch). Thanks for any feedback on this!
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2021.10.22 19:38 Special-Ad7191 What is the song playing in your head ?

If you’re anything like me there’s always a song in my head or I’m playing out loud. When I’m feeling my most fabulous or feminine or as they say in the gay club culture, CUNTY! What’s the song for you that plays when you’re feeling your most-LIKE EVERYTHING I’ll post 1st !
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2021.10.22 19:38 PemsRoses Danse Avec Les Stars saison 11 épisode 6

Hey everyone, I'm going to try again to o the live blogging. This week the couples have to score higher than 30 otherwise they will stay in the hot seat and be sent to the face off right away and I kinda like the fact that they are asking for excellence but it's a little tough like imo not all the couples have the level to score that high...
Aurélie & Adrien (Waltz) : Nice to see Adrien wearing a shirt even if it's a see through shirt. This week she got to spend some time with her sisters and her mom and it's nice especially knowing how the last few days have been for them (her dad passed away days ago). They are dancing on "T'es Beau" from Sophie Tith which is funny because I have a feeling Adrien kinda like himself a lot so this choice seems almost petty. I know Aurélie is taller than Adrien but I wish she would dance with little heels because they do help with the posture and grace. It was a little boring for me, still not a fan of his choreo, proof is I have already forgotten about the dance.Denitsa explains that she needs more contrast, more energy because everything was a little one note. François enjoyed the softness and grace but she has to be mindful of her neck and shoulders even her frame is nice. Chris tells her she has to dance until the end of each musical phrases and also because walz doesn't have that much step, they are easy to spot.
Scores : 5-6-6-6 = 24. My score : 5, I mean JPG explained that he enjoyed her paso more but I wasn't expecting him to score that low ... just because he doesn't enjoy the style.
Tayc & Fauve (Paso Doble) : They are happy to have met each other, they have a great friendship. I'm a little scared for their dance based on their outfits like Tayc's looks like he will be dancing a rumba and her like catwoman... They are dancing to that great "Gangster Paradise" futuristic music Mandla Morris danced to in DWTSJr. I have yet to see Fauve in heels and Tayc in a real latin or ballroom outfit and this is bothreing me this week because if he had a more fitting costume I think I would have enjoyed everything more. This makes me question if the pros have an input in the costume choices and if so why Fauve had a "combat" outfit and Tayc a nice little silk shirt ? Denista explains that Tayc has to work in his paso posture and a little less fluidity in the paso. Chris isn't gagging, for him the performance was great but this has to tone it down when it comes to his strengh and energy.
Scores : 8-8-9-8 = 32, so they are safe. My score : 8, but it might have been a 9 with a better costume because this one didn't really make me enter the story they were telling. I only got it the end.
Lucie & Anthony (Salsa) : They have a visit from her co-star and season 8 winner Agustin Galiana who was a great performer but not the best technician, then again he was with Fauve... but he does have good advices. They are dancing to "Don't Go Yet" by Camilla Cabello. Her outfit looks a little heavy but it seems to be her best latin performance which isn't saying much because her other latins dances were a mess. It's funny how in a style that allows tons of lift Anthony only put 2 but is was a full salsa so there is that. Anthony got a sequin in his eye and they need to put him out of misery because his eye is dying in front of us. François explains to her that the energy we see on her face has to go down to her body and especially her hips. Chris says it was a party but when we are talking about salsa, we want hip action and to be grounded. Denitsa agrees with François and Chris and tells her she has to get down and dirty... They throw a commercial probably to help Anthony with his eye, I feel bad for him because I hate having something in my eye.
Scores : 7-5-6-6 = 24 so they stay in the hot seat. My score : 6, because it was better than last week but still not that glorious.
Michou & Elsa (Rumba) : Their song is "Dans tes bras" by Kendji Girac and Dadju. Michou is strugling with being a leading man and being seductive so he goes to Tayc for some advice. I have a hard time taking him seriously in that role but he is getting that little hip action like it's almost there. However Elsa is really doing most of the work. For Chris it lacked a little fluidity. Denitsa did see a little hip action and she notes that he is really invested but she agrees with Chris on the lack of fluidity.
Scores : 7-6-7-5 = 25 so they saty in the hot seat. My score : I agree with Denitsa there was little hip action but it was really tiny.
Dita & Christophe (Paso Doble) : So Dita is changing gears. We will see a new Dita. The judges want a little more aggresivity, more strength. This is fastest dance they have been doing it yet and Dita is felling the pressure. The song is "Boys" by Lizzo which is ... interesting, it would have actually been a great cha cha music. If they were givne a more fitted music I think everythign would have been more cohesive, here just like for Tayc and his outfit, I've had hard time getting in the dance. François wasn't expecting for her to have that power and strength but he needed a little more contrast. Denitsa explained that she had great lines and for Chris really enjoyed it.
Scores : 8-8-8-8 = 32. My score : 7, I can't give it the same score as Tayc because I really wasn't feeling it.
Wejdene & Samuel (Rumba) : Wejdene explains that she has already been in love but it was too complicated for her. Now she can't focus on that because she is focus on her career (and maybe she is just 18 like girl you have time don't worry). I love her hair this week but I hate the fact that not only she doesn't have heels but she has sheer half sockets. The song is "Message personnel" by Michel Berger but this one is a cover. I really apprecate the fact that she is truly trying to get the proper technique like we can see it the way she moves but we can also that she is thinking a little too much. And I really wonder why she isn't dancing in heels because she has proved she can handle it and it also seems like she has a little issue with her dress. Denitsa thought it lacked a little attack but she has great lines, she really work on her feet. François feels like she was too focused so he lost the connection with Samuel.
Scores : 8-6-5-5 = 24. My score : 6 but kinda close to a 7 because she really tried it but I think she is just not mature enough for that style which is completely expected from someone who 18.
Bilal & Jordan (Quickstep) : They are dancing to "Another Day of Sun" and Bilal is excited because he loves musicals. He is looking a little lost in the rehearsals and Bilal is also feeling the pressure. It wa sreally fun, it's a shame that they missed that one lift (maybe they shouldn't have done it, just saying) and that stupid camera getting in the way too. But it was so joyful to see, it's the only dance I fully watched before putting in my notes. Chris says he is really starting to see who is a contender for the finale but just be careful of little moments where they weren't in sync no more. Denitsa says there was tons of energy but we kinda lost it in his lower half by the end. François also says that b sometimes because he has so much energy he forgets about his shoulders.
Scores : 9-8-8-8 = 33. My score : 9, really because I gave Tayc a 8 so I can't give Bilal the same score. It was a really fun dance to watch and I'm really enjoying seeing how versatile Jordan is.
Gérémy & Candice (American Smooth) : Last week was a kick in the butt for them and since they already scored a 30 in the past (tango I think) they know they can do it again. The song is "No Surprises" by Radiohead. The fan is a little too strong for this song I feel like. But he is just like Wejdene a really good student like you can see he is really putting an effort to apply the technique. It was a really cute moment. Denista is happy because he really likes Geremy in those type of dances, but she tells him he doesn't finish his movements. François noticed that he really tried to work in his shoulders like he should push his shoulders back a little more (he seems to have the same issue Carlos had when it comes to his shoulders). For Chris, Geremy is a generous partner in the way that he always achieve to be there for Candice.
Scores : 7-6-6-7 = 26. My score : 7, it wasn't perfect but I appreciate the effort he put in the technique and I enjoyed the routine more than Dita's paso.
So Dita, Bilal and Tayc are safe, the others are in the 5 way face-off.
We have a group performances with Denitsa, Maxime, Emmanuelle, Christian, Ines and Joel. It's like a contemporumba.
Aurélie & Adrien as well as Michou & Elsa were saved by the public (that show Aurélie is on seems highly popular but I didn't think she would be more popular than Lucie). Gérémy and Candice as well as Lucie & Anthony are saved by the judges that means Wejdene & Samuel are out... and I absolutely do not agree with that decision. Wejdene had much more potential and she had a better night, I think she has a better average score and she was better in the face off than Lucie. However I've heard than Wejdene has been a little vocal not being happy with something about the shows, I don't know what I didn't read the article, so maybe this decision also has to do with what she said.
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