Fuck me? ____ you!

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2021.12.05 19:59 purakii Fuck me? ____ you!

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2021.12.05 19:59 WeldingHillbilly Just curious and looking for suggestions

I was wondering what lighting schedule y’all use on autoflowers? Do y’all run lights 24/7 til flower then 12/12 or do y’all go lights 24/7 all the way?
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2021.12.05 19:59 cookingwithanadi Cheesy Baked Rigatoni with Chicken Sausage

video recipe here
For the Chicken Kale Sausage

For the tomato sauce
For the pasta
For the chicken kale sausage
  1. To prepare the sausage, add all the ingredients for the sausage in a large bowl and mix well to combine. This can be done 2-3 days in advance.
  2. To taste and adjust for seasoning, you can cook a small teaspoon size portion and adjust as required.
For the tomato sauce
  1. In a large bowl, add all the ingredients and mix well to combine. Taste and adjust the seasoning with more salt, Bomba/Calabrian chillies or chilli flakes.
For the pasta casserole
  1. Preheat oven at 350 F and boil water to cook the pasta for about 7-8 minutes, or until al dente.
  2. In the meanwhile, heat olive oil in a pan on medium heat. Add sausage and cook until no longer pink. Add the tomato sauce directly on the same pan and mix well to combine
  3. Once the pasta is cooked and the sauce is simmering, transfer all of the pasta to a large casserole and then pour the sauce with the cooked sausage.
  4. Top with a layer of provolone and then a layer of shredded mozzarella. Cover the casserole with a lid or foil paper and bake for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is molten. Optionally, you can remove the covefoil and broil once the cheese is molten to turn it golden brown.
  5. While the pasta is baking, chiffonade the basil by stacking 7-8 basil leaves, rolling them tightly into a cigar and slicing the basil thinly.
  6. Add bacon strips to a cold pan and set the heat to medium. Cook until the bacon is golden brown and crispy while turning often.
  7. Once the bacon is cooked, pat any excess grease on a paper towel and chop into bits.Top the pasta with fresh basil and bacon bits, serve hot and enjoy :)
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2021.12.05 19:59 Coffee4Louis [FOR HIRE] Commissions open! Will draw your OCs, D&D characters, portraits and more! Info in the comments

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2021.12.05 19:59 mo_smoove19 A girl told me I’m cute the other day, that’s a first 😂 [M22]

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2021.12.05 19:59 GoldenRedBunny Summer school for fun

Anyone has done summer school for fun? I don’t want to count the credits towards by major. Just want to take classes outside of my field for fun.
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2021.12.05 19:59 ADdreaming The Feds

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2021.12.05 19:59 TheTrueThompson Is this legit? 25€. He claims to sell his son's toys.

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2021.12.05 19:59 cisco54 LPT: If you work in a nursing home and the children do not visit as much as you think they should, don't criticize the kids as they may have survived abuse and are doing as much as they can while still being healthy.

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2021.12.05 19:59 Busy_Imagination Doesn't it get annoying how they hire Canadian actors to play Americans on the show?

Declan, Fiona, and Becky were supposed to be Americans who transferred to Canada. I don't get why they couldn't find American actors with Canadian citizenships to play Americans or at least ask the Canadian actors to tone down their accents.
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2021.12.05 19:59 bigsausagepiZza420 Always wanted to make a banana dolphin garnish

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2021.12.05 19:59 hullopalooza Rebellion or extinction.

Make your choice.
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2021.12.05 19:59 PorgLover-OwO Anyone want to play terraria

Looking for a group of people my age to play terraria with. (I play on pc through steam) I’m just bored of playing it by myself
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2021.12.05 19:59 VictorHubress Brilliant Book Dedications

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2021.12.05 19:59 International_Path71 Bruising 5 month long after Moderna

Long post, sorry in advance I'm 23F love in Germany, got moderna on June 5. Apart from headaches and nausea I got six big bruises on my thighs three days after the vaccine. My therapist wanted to wait first, after two month I was at haematologist and have done blood test, it turns out I have Factor V leiden, which a genetic mutation that affects blood clotting. Apart from that I have ulcerative colitis which is an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease and causes colon bleeding. I have it for 7 years already and despite trying different medicines an currently being on biological treatment I have never had problems with blood clotting prior to moderna. Has anyone else had it? I haven't took the second shot, because none of the doctors could and still can't tell me what is going on. My therapist and gastroenterologist claim that they haven't seen this in in other patients. I have measured my antibodies level recently, and I still have a decent amount according to my therapist (around 300). I spend 95% of time at home, only going to grocery stores. I don't care about restaurants and night clubs. I always wear a mask. The thing is that Germany will likely pass mandatory vaccination in few month. I'm extremely frustrated, I didn't want to get the second shot because the briusing goes on and still isn't researched properly. My therapist says that I could wait with the second shot, but it won't matter if vaccine will be mandatory. Mediacl discagrhe is only available for people with severe allergic reactions, I doubt that it will change. I don't want to risk any additional health problems, I'm extremely tired of colitis already. I have studied and worked with active bleedings and want to have my rest. If I get Pfizer (which is the only one available I'm Germany for under 30 years olds) and things go wrong no one will help me. Also I'm a migrant and if I get really sick I have noone to pay for hospital stays, I also with have my visa if can't study/work. I'm really lost and don't know what to do.
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2021.12.05 19:59 alcofrybasnasier “That the Good is superior to being, is proved by the fact that nobody wants being for its own sake; what we seek is well-being, and if this is unattainable, we prefer not to exist at all.”

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2021.12.05 19:59 CrazyC5 Phase I complete - lights are working

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2021.12.05 19:59 Sea-Cabinet-2962 Dollar General Haul Part II

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2021.12.05 19:59 porkbvns Zekrom adding 10! Don’t leave I’m rejoining. 3833 9280 9448

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2021.12.05 19:59 TheRhymerGuy Reshiram with room for 5

Add me 9621 6132 5138 BE ONLINE
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2021.12.05 19:59 Pulse5623 Hey all! I did a guitar cover of the new Demon Slayer opening, with guitar tabs for anyone that's interested!

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2021.12.05 19:59 Neilcaulfield Are homeless encampments legal in Pittsburgh?

There are several tents set up by my apartment in the north side. I was wondering if the city ever sends anyone out to check on these areas or remove them? When I passed the area tonight several people were on the side walk making erratic noises and one was doing push-ups. It was a weird scene…
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2021.12.05 19:59 i_aminyourbasement Only 300 something gigs

I’ve had my Xbox one for more than 3 years, and I just noticed that on box it says it’s supposed to have 500 Gigabytes, but it only has 360 something gigs. Anyone know why it’s like that?
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2021.12.05 19:59 jayde1234555 Einfach so nach Sex fragen?

Bisschen peinlich das ganze aber ich hätte gerne mal euren Rat. Ich (27w) hatte vor ca. 1.5 Jahren was mit einem Mann (30) von Tinder. Der Sex an sich war mittelmäßig, zB hatte er einmal keine Erektion bekommen. Für mich ist das aber absolut kein Problem. Ich muss aber sagen, dass ich eine große sexuelle Anziehung zu ihm verspüre und gerne nochmal mit ihm Sex hätte. Ich kann mir allerdings keine Beziehung vorstellen. Wie frage ich ihn jetzt? Wir sind noch gematcht auf tinder aber wenn wir uns zufällig über den Weg laufen, ignorieren wir uns einfach. Ich habe auch das Gefühl, dass ihm das damals ein bisschen peinlich war, dass er nicht hart geworden ist und mich danach nichtmehr sehen wollte. Soll ich einfach direkt fragen?
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2021.12.05 19:59 MistaTev Anyone else wanna bend her ova on that bed ? 😈

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