[W][US-WA]2tb 2.5” HDD

2021.12.05 21:12 ubercheesedude [W][US-WA]2tb 2.5” HDD

Looking to buy 8 x 2tb 2.5” 7200rpm drives. Not necessarily all at once. PM with pricing.
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2021.12.05 21:12 GStewartcwhite Everything this sub is about summed up in one pic

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2021.12.05 21:12 ijai9 BhadBhabie ❤️ CHECK COMMENTS FOR HER NEW UPDATED CONTENT 👇

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2021.12.05 21:12 Giga-Bread Cursed shining

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2021.12.05 21:12 Sephiroth360 Fellow Tiffany fans, what draws you to the character?

Tiffany is the most recognizable character in the franchise after Chucky. She’s a huge fan favorite and I’m curious to know why you guys like her.
Personally, I love that Tiffany subverts the female villain trope. There’s this double standard in the media that female villains are usually portrayed as less evil than male ones so it’s refreshing to see that Tiffany doesn’t fall victim to this trope. She also has her own ambitions and is considered more of an equal to the main villain(Chucky) than a minion.
You can’t forget to mention Jennifer Tilly’s fantastic performance. I can’t imagine anyone else voicing Tiffany. Like how Brad Douriff makes Chucky, Jennifer Tilly makes Tiffany.
Tiffany is an awesome character and can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for her in the future.
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2021.12.05 21:12 Visible_Ad6165 Girlfriend made out with another guy and now wants to take a break

My girlfriend (22) recently began working a new job. She began going out with her coworkers for drinks on the weekends and I was fine with it. I hung out at home as I wasn't invited. One weekend I gave her a ride to the pub with the intent of picking her up at the end of the night. She said she wouldn't be drinking, only smoking. So I kissed her and took off back home.
Later on in the night I tried to contact her asking when she will need a ride since she had been out for a while. I couldn't get ahold of her. Then around midnight her best friend called me asking what was wrong. I asked her what she meant and and said my girlfriend had called her crying talking about how she wanted to kill herself. She was in a hallway and there was a guys voice in the background. So I immediately got in my truck and drove to the pub. They had closed but there was still some staff inside cleaning up. I knocked on the window and the bartender opened the door. I asked if he had seen my girlfriend and he knew exactly who I was talking about (I've never met this man in my life). He said she was banned for life for smashing a bottle over some guys head and throwing glasses at people. He also told me that before that she had been making out with one of her coworkers the whole time she was there. He told me he tried to call the cops on her but they all hopped in one of their trucks and left. I was very upset to hear this so i just went home.
I didn't sleep at all that night. I had no idea where she was but I could not get ahold of her. I went straight to her parents house early the next morning and told them what happened and asked if they heard from her. They had no idea where she was so we called the police and they went out looking for her since she was missing and was talking about killing herself. They found her at the hospital that afternoon. Her mother went up and saw her and my girlfriend asked to see me. I went up there and my girlfriend had admitted herself to the hospital. I told her what the pub staff told me and she felt awful. She said she was blackout drunk. I took her home and we talked some more. She said she didn't cheat on me aside from the making out with her coworker. She is now quitting drinking and going to AA meetings.
About a week after this all happened, she told me she wanted to take a break. I don't want to take a break but I could not convince her otherwise. She said she has nothing to offer our relationship at this time and will be staying at her parents house. She says she is super busy with her schoolwork and her job and AA, so she has no time for me. She still goes out for coffee with her friends and whatnot on weekends and after work. She comes by our house once in a while to see our cat and grab some stuff, but doesn't really seem all to interested in talking to me.
I have been VERY depressed about this whole thing. I really like seeing her and having her around the house.
I want to know what you guys think about this. What do I do? Do you think she is lying about sleeping with her coworker? Am I being selfish for wanting her to stay home with me instead of her parents? I just feel as though taking a break from our entire relationship after she made out with another guy is just bad timing.
Thank you
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2021.12.05 21:12 jaynuggets Do I put a comma before who and after "Life goes on"?

Cohost Chris Burke who starred as Corky on the TV series “Life Goes On” will be in attendance.
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2021.12.05 21:12 Synthetic_Terrain How do I queue up for regular slaye

New player here, the menus are confusing, how do I queue for only slayer? It must be default to select all or something because I get objective and slayer together.
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2021.12.05 21:12 Sledmaul Reshiram 8071 2623 1957

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2021.12.05 21:12 AJ_MASON_ROCKS Is there any sammy breeders in canada nova scotia?

Me and my family have been looking for some for a bit ! We're having a hard time since its usually show dog bloodlines that are around 3500-7000 and theres not many to begin with
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2021.12.05 21:12 azzaxzai I couldn't sleep again so thought I'd bless you with some fun facts !

Did ya knowww :
1- Manatees have the smallest brain in comparison to their body in mammals; they're not stupid, just slow... Like your mom :)
2- Caterpillars only have 6 true legs, the rest are false ;-;
3- You're absolutely stunning and deserve to rest and have a break once in a while so done feel guilty for chilling rn !!!
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2021.12.05 21:12 Technoratus Every time I reboot I have to zpool import

A while back I had a power outage that affected my Truenas Core server, ever since that power event, my pools no longer come online automatically upon reboot, and I have to zpool import every time the machine starts up. This brings my pools back online but most things no longer work. For example SMB sharing and my jails/plugins dont start up. How can I fix this issue? Not even sure where to start, im not an expert on storage servers.
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2021.12.05 21:12 Yesman251001 Spouse and I are moving to a different province. Will I be eligible for EI?

Hello everyone,
My husband received a promotion and is expected to transition to another province. I’m going to have to resign due to my company not located in that province. Will I be eligible for EI?
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2021.12.05 21:12 Venus_Mars12 32f I love lingerie

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2021.12.05 21:12 Throwaway395020102 My dad ruined my birthday

I originally wrote this for AITA, but I exceeded the character limit, so let's try here. This has to be peak narcissistic parent behaviour in my opinion.
So this all started 4 days before my birthday on October 27st. My parents are yelling so loud that it wakes me up in the morning. I stamp my foot on twice or so normally on the floor because it was really loud and scary. Next thing I know when I go for lunch and bathroom breaks my dad starts just yelling all the terrible things in the world at me. So bad that he rubs all the failures in my face of which one is a college entrance test month I worked for 26 days straight that didn't go anywhere. It caused me a real bad breakdown where I cried for just hours on end.
I'm just miserable during the days leading up to my birthday absolutely a wreck crying. Then the day of my birthday rolls around and I thought my family would celebrate just like the year before that. When I had a nice dinner, people treating me nicely and filling the entire dinner table with presents. My dad just comes to me as if he didn't even want to be near me backhanding me a small gift just wanting to get out of there. In the meantime I'm just confused compared to last year how I got an entire table full and I'm not being called downstairs. Next thing I know I'm being treated as ungrateful, my dad screaming at me, refusing to go through with my birthday plans, etc. while also not apologising for causing me a mental breakdown 4 days before that.
I spent the entire afternoon crying while on the phone with a friend. I just had one of my best years in terms of achievements with running a 1/4 marathon event, doing a 26 days straight test month for a 42 coding school, slowly working myself up to fluency in 2 languages, travelling, socialising, picking up weights, reading books, etc. from nothing a few years ago. I don't do drugs, alcohol, smoking, partying, staying out late, anything criminal, etc. while also being vegan, anti waste, anti plastic, becoming more environmental friendly, etc. and I felt like my dad couldn't give a damn about my birthday.
I'm just forced to fight him later on to even to a restaurant in the capital city (small European country) and he just doesn't say anything at all in the car and then yells at me for directions while driving. Then just a giant fuss about parking garages and the fact I chose a vegan restaurant where you share dishes. Later on my restaurant option was trashed as neither of my parents liked sharing and my dad just trashing vegan restaurants as well and what not. While in the restaurant I also tried to sort it out and demand a discussion and apology since we were in a quiet corner and he just says I keep frustrating him and if I continue he would just walk out after starting up a giant fight.
Going back to the car is also a problem as I wanted to take leftovers with me to be antiwaste and just complaints the car is going to stink and trouble that I also wanted to have a snack and a drink in the actual city center. Then I'm forced to navigate to the city center, I just pointed which direction to go in, then you should eventually be able to reach it and find an okay affordable parking garage. It just ended up getting forced as I again got even screamed at worse for directions because this time we are not on the highway which was already bad enough. He just starts saying that if I had made my driving exam then I could have navigated the tricky roads myself and all that. Just rubbing in more failures again instead of apologising, continues to yell and then when we get to a parking garage I don't have enough time to google the price (because if you drive in and it's too expensive you may not be able to get out of it anymore.) Then just angrily drives into it, then out of nowhere because I'm in the passenger seat because of my birthday he slams the driver's door so loud it hurt my ears and I started just crying all over again not feeling good at all or being able to get out of the car. My mum is also getting very bad treatment and he's just yelling and all that while there are cameras hanging which just shocks me. Eventually I'm just forced to get going into the city center after crying in the car for what could have been 10/15 minutes.
I just feel miserable and puffy eyed. My mum keeps prodding me to go into every café at every corner while I'm a mess where people are just normally enjoying Halloween. Eventually I don't know what to do anymore, keep hearing threats they'll leave me behind in the city and at that point I try to walk away 3/4 times since I have a train subscription allowing me to return to home for free till Monday 7am so I could have gotten the first morning train. I just kept being stalked and being caught up till eventually I'm being threatened to be kicked out of the house if I don't return home with them and direct them to the parking garage. I felt so bad I also just wanted to sit down on a bench cuz I felt mentally and physically awful. My mum then also proceeded to call me a rude or vulgar beggar the way I looked sitting there. She also threw out a comment that no wonder I don't have a boyfriend which made my blood boil as much as my dad did.
Eventually I'm just being dragged back to the garage when they figure out where it is. Then my dad has the audacity to tell me I should be careful to not make a scratch on his car as I climbed back in. I completely lost it and screamed all my frustrations all the way back to our boring old village. I even found out when I had written a tiny list for my birthday presents (because without it my parents would be clueless, shows how much attention they pay to me) that my dad had not even bothered to even google some of the items on the list to see what it was before even deciding whether to get it. Which was extremely hurtful writing that my most wanted gift was a museum card and finding out nobody even could google it. Whether I got it or not, that stabbed even more. Also being worried more about a scratch on the car than my mental health, I literally couldn't take it anymore.
We get home and I just cry the entire night, eventually my dad came to me asking if I was okay, but 2 seconds later he basically only says it's because he wants to sleep, not that he cared about my mental state. After that comment it still took me a full hour of calming down and showering to stop crying.
Then the day after my dad pretends like nothing happened. Offering me a cup of tea and asking if I want to go on a thrifting trip. After having what seemed like the worst day of my life, I felt even more insulted that a cup of tea and some thrifted clothes would fix the problem in his eyes. Then the next day offering me like 2 unknown thrifted books, never apologising anymore. I'm just sitting here like "wtf" and only less willing to talk till I literally stop talking 3 days after my birthday.
I just go over to my best friend, meet some friends I know in another foreign country, meet some friends for dinner and listen to K-pop, medical appointments, etc. and started living a late night life to limit possibilities of interaction. In the meantime my dad is now acting like I'm ignoring him while he always knocks on my door when I'm not home, in a call or just asleep. Or sends me a vague text or tries to call me late at night if I need to be picked up from a station which I'm obviously having none of it after that type of treatment.
Today I'm just casually watching F1 almost last race of the season and he forces conversation with me asking why I'm ignoring him finally forcing me to talk after 4.5 weeks. I only had to say that he should think back to October 31st and that I really don't have time in the moment. Not much later while I'm still watching the stream in like the final laps. He forces me to talk again and just threatens me that I should pack up everything and leave before the holiday season comes up. I responded he should leave me alone and how could he have the audacity to say that instead of apologising. He never responded to my comment and just leaves.
It just keeps getting worse. I want to improve my life and be happy, but I refuse to make peace after people walk all over me, say the worst things and then watch them pretend like it never happened. This stuff is also why we started attending therapy till the therapist started saying she didn't know how to handle it while he just admits to me at home he sabotages it because I'm a dishonest person. Especially after I fought for 26 days straight to get into a 42 school (which is an alternative programming school) that being used against me really stung as well. I also did the 1/4 marathon right before my birthday and it felt reduced to nothing while I was known as the least athletic kid back in school and he would just call it hopping around. I thought he would be proud and happy with me during the days leading up to my birthday, but instead I got this. I should probably leave it at this for now. I would love to work on moving out, but with the pandemic and my mental health it proves to be a challenge.
My 22nd birthday was an absolute nightmare
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2021.12.05 21:12 Automatic-Bathroom-7 Spanish or Mandarin Chinese?

Hey all, I've narrowed down what languages I want to learn in my lifetime. Eventually I'd like to learn them both but I know that if I try to learn two languages at the same time I will fail to learn either of them. So, which one should I learn first?
View Poll
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2021.12.05 21:12 theogre211 Where to buy clothes

I m new in tunis, nd major places like zen nd HA i dont like their shit, nd i m not paying 200dt for a fucking shoes. So guys gimme suggestions where can i find lot of boutiques of clothes. Good quality for price, CV ones r either too expensive or straight got no options.
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2021.12.05 21:12 xGoNea Mugen Ressha-hen Anime or Movie

I noticed there is an 7 Ep Adaptation of the Mugen Ressha-hen movie and wanted to ask what is more worth to watch, the movie or the series.
Thanks in advance
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2021.12.05 21:12 Martin454579 Tudo bem com você?

Vc está bem?
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2021.12.05 21:12 KeemithOfCS Leveling Up Past Level 80

How do you level up past 80 ? I’ve secured Gruru house twice and tosko still won’t work his magic for me at all smh
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2021.12.05 21:12 Nathanielknox My Complete VGM Playlist

Not sure how well playlists are received here, but I curate this one fairly actively. Normally find composers that I like in well known games, and go through their discography to find hidden gems :) Hope you enjoy!
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2021.12.05 21:12 SilverBubble1 Possible solution for agent ulp not moving in doomsday vol II setup

Do it in invite only, invite the people you want to do it with into your session, then ur facility and then they click the planning board. Also, make sure everyones vehicle is not a new DLC one like the toreador. I uses an insurgent custom, and everyone else used random vehies from the doomsday update or before. I suspect this is the most important thing
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2021.12.05 21:12 sauce-Mauler666 Do u think there will be a skydive emote in the rev bundle

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2021.12.05 21:12 Octopus_Activities Picture of my cat

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2021.12.05 21:12 FrogGoo LF: Bonsly FT: Murkrow, Stunky, Mime jr, Cranidos

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