Winter sunset

2021.12.05 19:33 Senior-League3904 Winter sunset

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2021.12.05 19:33 kazuuboi He lied

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2021.12.05 19:33 1000000students DECEMBER 2021--On World AIDS Day, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said AIDS crisis was 'overhyped' by Anthony Fauci -- IN 2010-- Same Ron Johnson who Testified To Protect Catholic Church From mostly Homosexual Sex Abuse Lawsuits involving Minors aka Children.

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2021.12.05 19:33 Ramaliis ⚠️OPPORTUNITY TO GET RICH!!!!⚠️

⚠️OPPORTUNITY TO GET RICH!!!!⚠️ Following the wave of pay to earn games, we have an innovative game that is different from the others, in which you earn money without doing ANYTHING, just what you heard, nothing. You buy your pet in-game worth 100 or 200 dollars and it makes money every 20 minutes automatically, and best of all, their currency, the HCT is one of the most stable currencies on the market.

You can't miss this opportunity, sign up now and get a 5% bonus on all your winnings FOREVER.
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2021.12.05 19:33 LeeDunn0 MEME that will collect most reactions in general chat (Dis-ord) will WIN 1 LEGENDARY NFT 💰 UPVOTE ⬆️ AND DROP YOUR ADDRESS! read comments for more info ....

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2021.12.05 19:33 harveycliniccare_com 7 warning signs of a brain tumor

7 warning signs of a brain tumor Brain is the chief-organ, which instructs your body, what to do and keeps under the control all processes, including your breezing, heart working, cognitive performance, appetite etc. These regulating center locates in your skull and gives a net of nerves to each part of the body.
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2021.12.05 19:33 MiddletonPlays This 'Zebra' is so beautiful!

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2021.12.05 19:33 FelowshipofKings Does anyone know how to fix a weird message in the papyrus log that reads "XPMSE MainQuest Initialization failed. If you are starting a new game, the game might not initialized fully and this warning is normal..."

I keep getting this message constantly and I think it might be causing my game to crash.
That is the link to load order and ini files...
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2021.12.05 19:33 gabicav is my kitten too scared?

hi everyone. we just got a new kitten and we have his whole setup in our bathroom away from our other cat. we got him out of his carrier and on to the floor and he immediately went to the corner and hasn’t moved for about 45 minutes. we left him alone so he can maybe have his own space and feel free to move around but he hasn’t. i’m worried i’m doing something wrong, hopefully he’ll loosen up as the days go on.
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2021.12.05 19:33 PeksMex I've been building up some screenshots during my second playthrough, now i ain't no photographer but i hope you like 'em anyway.

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2021.12.05 19:33 abigailsutherland My best friend got me a birthday gift and it absolutely made my day.

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2021.12.05 19:33 Guilhermedidi What should you probably be doing right now, instead of browsing reddit?

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2021.12.05 19:33 Streaker364 Ginger the tiny floof

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2021.12.05 19:33 RedStickersHurt A home for Commanders suspicious of the shape of the Galaxy, Flat Galaxy Society.

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2021.12.05 19:32 Tall_Kangaroo6087 RedFloki stealth launched only today | Get 7% BUSD rewards for hodling | Huge Marketing | x1000 Gem 🚀

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Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 RedFloki
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Verified Contract: 0xfd21d67127c53e7d394555ceebe71f6737783aa1
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LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.05 19:32 SookHe Your pal Steven Crowder is already planting the seeds that the Patriot Front Nazi group who marched on the capital today are a false flag. The comment section is a shit show of conspiracy theories.

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2021.12.05 19:32 Miserable_Toe_3957 Day 38 and the CDLC and Forum stomper have started showing pistils, hopefully they stretch out nice. Guess its time to switch to flower feeding. The auto power plant is on day 5 and just came out of her dome and coming along nicely. Any comments and suggestions welcomed.

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2021.12.05 19:32 ordie417 Does the bottomless banger that fits the v4 work for the v5?

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2021.12.05 19:32 carnitascronch Tres de Asada y Dos de Carnitas 🌶

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2021.12.05 19:32 Fantastic-Cap-2102 B 4 b pm me

Boost for boost
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2021.12.05 19:32 OmarAFouad In your opinion, what is the best non-religious, non-library city center building for a medium size city?

Hope this is the right sub lol.

Many cities have a big church or a massive library being on of the main landmarks and central spots in the city, but aside from these two since more and more people don't go to temples or the library, what are some other ideas for a central building that will be beneficial and fun for the people of the city and will make them want to hang out at?
I'm asking about a building btw, so not a open square or a public park, more like if the Notre-Dame wasn't a church/The Blue Mosque wasn't a mosque, but was something else. Would love to know your opinions
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2021.12.05 19:32 IditarodSpy73 How do you pronounce asbestos?

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2021.12.05 19:32 jephyri ITAP of a Key West sunset

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2021.12.05 19:32 FirefighterFinal9633 Joel perez vs ryu

Joel perez vs ryu
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2021.12.05 19:32 Quest256 8546 NY is a great combat/base building server.

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