Tier 1 sucht Team

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2022.01.16 16:31 Twobeers1 Tier 1 sucht Team

Letzte Season Diamond 3. Suche noch für jetzt schnell ein Team. add ZHΞΔΧ
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2022.01.16 16:31 Henna Parents of Reddit, what is the most fucked up secret you're hiding from your children?

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2022.01.16 16:31 Daboulsol Reinfected?

Anybody who got reinfected did you get an increase in pvcs until it went away again?
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2022.01.16 16:31 cherrimubi Asians are only good for food and cheap work. Other than that, fuck them

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2022.01.16 16:31 yarisuse Which book o site web about folklore of around the world (especially on Latin America and Asia) and urban legends recommend to read (and investigate)?

I am reading a recompilation of fantastic literature (by american latin and spanish female writers), and last night read about Lobisón that actually is pretty similar to wolfman, it's an argentine lycanthrope. And looked on Wikipedia is like the tale explained: The seventh son of a marriage will have the curse of Lobisón. This and other tales of the book has really native folklore, and now I have curiosity about folklore around the world, especially of legends and ancient oral tradition on far away countries and latin american places (I am from Mexico and I think just know a little bit of stories about folklore and urban legends, 'cause is a huge country and never visited or search south of Mexico). I know this isn't horror horror literature, but pretty much book drinks from fairly tales and folklore.
Can you recommend something? Don't care it's about your places. (Every Spanish translation of a book it's welcome.)
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2022.01.16 16:31 BloxLogics [Poetry] “don’t miss”

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2022.01.16 16:31 LordAnthony1 /lɔðäʕäθ/

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2022.01.16 16:31 Jichael_Jackson Lets do jump, ill start

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2022.01.16 16:31 deadfan720 Nice limited run by ODell Brewing!!

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2022.01.16 16:31 arabdude Need help sourcing defective SNES D1 Diode.

I know the component is a diode but is there anyone who knows the exact specs and possibly where to find it online?
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2022.01.16 16:31 jink252 G29 Steering wheel.

can I use the g29 and its shifter both on pc and ps 5?
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2022.01.16 16:31 AfroKami07 I drew lil peep (I forgot to draw his arm and neck tattoos tho)

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2022.01.16 16:31 jubamba I signed for the classic membership. So no tan beds. Can I pay to use them for one short period during the year without upgrading to Black? Or should/can I upgrade to Black for one month then go back to classic?

Thanx for the help.
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2022.01.16 16:31 kosmo_navt Ever since I was but a wee lad, my only dream has been to 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙚 rei ayanami

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2022.01.16 16:31 boris777dit PAF DAO

The project promises to be rich and very multifaceted. It is very interesting to observe developments. All developers of good luck and all participants.
More info about project: https://www.pafdao.com/
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2022.01.16 16:31 Gloomy-Tension6746 Posting again about recent klonopin drop….

No sleep 😵‍💫
Spent a month per drop from 1.5mg to now .25mg of klono. A month and a half in, no stabilization at all. Can’t sleep one bit, maybe an hour or two. Benadryl makes me dizzy even for days after taking it and is the only thing that allows me any sleep.
I know I shouldn’t up-dose but I’m struggling…Need. Sleep. To. Function. And. Work.
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2022.01.16 16:31 420Bix LF: Dive Ball FT: Pokemon or Items

I've been trying to get some dive balls from the Solaceon Town new press for ages and I'm starting to think they don't exist. If anyone has an extra I would really appreciate it. I've completed the national dex so I can offer just about any breedable pokemon (I can also touch trade you something if you need an evolved form). If you need a specific item I might have it as well so just ask.
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2022.01.16 16:31 the_nihalist Hey folks. Planning to take ecstasy for the first time with my gf and some friends soon. Help a brother out with anything from tracks to supplements?

We do have someone with us who is experienced but I'm still looking for advice on anything and everything. I've researched a lot online and want this to be as safe as possible for my friends.
Please give me some happy good vibe songs to listen to. Or rave tracks to dance to, whichever works best.
I know that I should keep water ready for hydration but what else should I get as in snacks, juices or food?
I want to make the comedown as smooth as possible so what can I do to make sure of that?
I read a lot about supplements online but was wondering which one I could get over the counter here without looking suspicious (preferably not expensive)?
And finally is there something that I absolutely should or should not do?
Thanks in advance y'all.
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2022.01.16 16:31 D4rkside666 Vai pra Cuba

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2022.01.16 16:31 burneraccount8704 Harry Potter fans

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2022.01.16 16:31 Drewloveseveryone Nah im just Joking all of them have their Unique Strengths and Weaknesses

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2022.01.16 16:31 ExPloRqu1ntox1c Verkaufe: Bilder🥵,Videos❤️usw... Insta: pratricia_2002

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2022.01.16 16:31 AlexanderJW94 For those who like The Doodlers from the Dungeons & Daddies podcast.

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2022.01.16 16:31 Lazar-Ilic My Notes On Undergraduate Productivity

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2022.01.16 16:31 gotenuranus Sadly

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