Early ranged kit from medium clue lol

2022.01.16 15:34 RightItsAllRight Early ranged kit from medium clue lol

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2022.01.16 15:34 Sevenrottendays I took out two turrets and my friend took one out, both of us were playing tier 6 Florida

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2022.01.16 15:34 cch_- I've made a high quality 8K wallpaper

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2022.01.16 15:34 TiberSVK My mic is not working ingame, works on discord. Help!

Voice enable is fine, nothing is muted,
My mic from my corsair headset is set by default in windows.
Before it broke, I tried some recording with my guitar in my music software thats unrelated to CS. Any clues please? It sucks not to give info. Usually I can solve a problem like this but its been like this for 3 days
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2022.01.16 15:34 Pearlonagreenleaf Linear Algebra weekend study buddy

I want to slowly pace through the MIT course on Linear Algebra by Prof. Gilbert Strang. I am planning to watch lecture videos on weekends along with doing few exercises. I need a bit more push to get through and hence looking for study buddies. Interested people may DM me.
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2022.01.16 15:34 memoriesofcold Trump Administration Exerted 'Unprecedented' Census Engagement In Bid For Political Gain: Memo -- A memo written by a Census Bureau official complained of meddlesome interference in what's supposed to be an independent process.

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2022.01.16 15:34 ExaltedLegendski What's the most creepiest creepypasta?

Here you go.
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2022.01.16 15:34 BOOM_BOT_123 H:junk to sell W:caps or trade

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2022.01.16 15:34 Boostpsi [XB1] H: BE90 Gat Laser, J2590 LMG W: Bolstering/AP 3* T-45 limbs

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2022.01.16 15:34 coddity How old do I look? 5'3"

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2022.01.16 15:34 Ghost_Brain What is the likelihood that covid-19 is a virus released from permafrost and that this is an ancient disease?

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2022.01.16 15:34 readysteady0324 THE ULTIMATE DINNER ROLLS: soft, fluffy, buttery and totally irresistible!

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2022.01.16 15:34 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 22: Voice of The Hive Empress

First Previous
Tomar struggled against his hated bindings as another biped entered the room. This human had dark skin, surprising considering the color of the others he had seen. He felt anger and irritation well up inside himself.
"What do you want, slave?" he asked. He pushed at the inferior's mind, only to be jabbed sharply back in return. He only managed to learn the human's name. Nichole.
"We don't want anything from you anymore except your favorite thing. Pain."
The biped exited the room. Tomar slumped down, feeling a sense of relief. It was stupid that an inferior could make him feel intimidated. He growled and dispelled the thought. The strength of the Trikkec would splinter these humans like a bullet to a bone.
A faint wheezing sound reached him. The noise grew louder, and was interspersed with laughs. The door to the room didn't open. A biped stepped through the wall. It was glowing. Wait. He recognized it and his eyes went wide in fear. The level 9 psychic entity.
"Hello, Tomar, I'm Gaia."
"Curl up and die, demon."
The biped, Gaia, leaned down to look at him. Its mouth didn't move, but the laughing sound was clearly coming from it. He stared up at its face defiantly. Its hand curled into a closed position, leaving one thin digit to point at him. The psychic entity waved the digit in his face and smiled coldly at him. Tomar bit the digit, feeling his teeth only hit each other as they passed straight through Gaia's body.
Tomar's chains unlocked themselves as the entity raised its hand menacingly. He felt the mental pressure of the being encircle his mind.
"No can do. You've been a very bad boy, Tomar. Bad boys get spankings."
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Gaia poured the rage of billions of humans into Tomar's mind. They kept Tomar locked in place, holding his mind together to bring to bear even a small amount of the suffering Tomar truly deserved. Gaia made his every nerve burn like acid. The torment lasted for hours. Blood dripped from Tomar's body. Gaia looked at him, scrutinizing his cells to determine the nutrients he needed to heal.
Then Gaia healed him and fed him. Tomar deserved to die, certainly. But if he was alive, he could suffer. Gaia left him panting on the floor of the cell, reattaching his chains. Then they reformed on the opposite side of the wall, where Nichole and a few other observers were facing the cell.
"How did it go?" Nichole asked. "He screamed quite loudly."
"A successful first day of pain. How long do you wish for me to continue his punishment?"
"As long as you feel is necessary. All I ask is that you leave a body after you're done, preferably alive. My brother wants to skin him."
Gaia nodded. "I see. Is it strange having your brother be a whole different species?"
"Not at all. We don't play with toy trucks and trains or anything, but when we have our rare bits of free time he is quite enjoyable to be around."
"I see. You know, I've heard some rumors that you and him have a thing going on."
"We are beginning to love each other as brother and sister, not as mates."
"Mates, huh? They're rubbing off on you," Gaia observed.
"Maybe. What are you here to discuss with me?"
"Based on the memories I extracted from Tomar's mind, I believe that you are becoming a psychic."
Nichole nodded. "I figured. Any tips on how to use this power?"
"You'll have to practice calming your mind a lot. The Trikkec way makes it come naturally to them, but I believe that you will have to get there on your own."
Nichole laughed. The air around her shimmered slightly. "I've been very good at that," Nichole said. She smirked as she brought her hand forward. Gaia watched as a spark of black energy arced between her fingertips.
"I found out that I could do this yesterday."
Gaia clapped. "You're already well on your way, so I'll let you get to it. I've got some people to check up on."
"Can't you hold dozens of conversations at once?"
"Would you rather eat a box of donuts one at a time, or all at once?"
Gaia left Nichole in Luna Command surrounded by intrigued and concerned humans.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Two human months later, Sri'icla received a message from the Bureau of Military Affairs.
*Rank 2 Hive Queen Sri'icla, prepare at once to receive a linked particle hard light communicator from the Bureau of Military Affairs. This communicator is to be delivered under your direct supervision to the leaders of Humanity and the Breyyanik to discuss war plans. If you lose this device, your life is forfeit.\*
Wow, okay, Sri'icla thought. Someone thinks they're all high and mighty.
She called Hex'taqnar. "Be on the lookout for a messenger ship," she said once he answered.
"The ship's already here. It was cloaked to the point where even our scanners and sensors couldn't see it. They are claiming to be carrying a linked particle hard light communicator."
"Allow them to dock."
Sri'icla exited her room and headed down to the airlock. A group of very professional looking military Vinarii were waiting for her. "Hive Queen Sri'icla," the ship's pilot said, walking towards her with a blocky device about six times the size of a human phone.
"Prepare to receive the Empress."
He knelt and placed the device on the floor. It activated, building a hard light version of a very large Vinarii. I guess they got around the humans' linked particle scrambler as well.
"Hive Queen Sri'icla," Hive Empress Ashnad'darii said coldly. Her voice was clearly not transmitted. Speakers alone couldn't carry the sheer power that Ashnad'darii's voice contained. Sri'icla bowed deeply, along with the rest of the Vinarii in the crew.
"I am yours, my Empress."
"You are. Take this projector to the humans. I want you present at this meeting, along with the Breyyanik leader and the human leaders."
"I will do as you command, my Queen."
Sri'icla turned to Hex'taqnar, who had entered the room and also engaged in a deep bow.
"Rank 8, contact the humans and the Breyyanik and let them know that the Hive Empress wishes to speak with them. Convey the importance of this event."
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Nichole and Frelney'Brey agreed that they were both annoyed. After weeks of Vinarii isolation and platitudes about Mars, only now did they finally join the fold again. And it was to introduce them to a bigger politician. Sri'icla entered the joint Luna Command and UN station that was used for official diplomatic meetings. Normal Luna-born humans couldn't visit Earth for long. Its gravity was too strong.
Nichole didn't have that limitation, these days. Her body had built up bone strength and muscle density over the past two months at an alarming rate. The scars on her arms and chest hadn't disappeared, which was good. They were a reminder of the Blood Bond, the most important accomplishment she'd ever achieve.
Sri'icla looked around the room at the hundreds of human leaders, and at Frelney'Brey. He looked at her with restrained distaste. In the middle of the large auditorium, Sri'icla placed the blocky device she was carrying onto the ground and knelt low to the floor, brushing it with her head. Nichole tilted her head at that. Then it happened.
Somehow the device lifted itself into the air and a hologram of a very large Vinarii appeared around it. This new Vinarii was even larger than Sri'icla, standing at 14 feet tall instead of 9. The Hive Empress was somehow more muscular. She had red chitin, with a single black line running down her chest and disappearing into her clothes. Her large eyes had blue markings surrounding them. Her wings were the longest Nichole had ever seen on a Vinarii, and were made of metal.
Her voice rumbled through the air, containing both a sweetness and a malice to it that shouldn't have been possible.
"Hello, Humanity. Greetings to you as well, Breyyanik. I am Hive Empress Ashnad'darii. We have much to discuss."
"Indeed we do," Frelney'Brey said, projecting his voice at the Hive Empress. Sri'icla lifted herself out of her deep bow. Frelney'Brey paid her no mind.
"How do you justify the 137 billion Breyyanik who died at the whims of your Empire?" he asked coldly. He fixed the Hive Empress with a hostile stare. She looked back at him.
"Your species came into my Empire, Voice of Brey. They did not have my permission to do so. Nor did they have permission to fight against our attempts to make you leave the systems you were sucking dry. It is unfortunate that so many died. But the Empire cannot afford to absorb such large species and have them remain as independent entities. The offer was refused numerous times by your predecessors."
"You have the blood of billions on your claws, and that is all you have to say!?" Frelney'Brey screamed. Nichole placed her hand on Frelney'Brey's shoulder to keep him from leaping out of his seat to attack the Ashnad'darii's hard light projection.
"It is. We are not here to discuss grievances. We are here to discuss your war against the Trikkec Autonomous Systems. We shall provide the first strike locations if you pay a price."
"What is your price?" President Madrikov asked. "Russia will not participate in this negotiation if you do not maintain a semblance of honesty."
Hive Empress Ashnad'darii walked closer to his seat. "What can you do, human? We have the information you want. You do not threaten me, nor do you threaten the Vinarii Empire. I could easily bring the full force of the Vinarii Empire against your puny system. I believe the policy we would employ is one you call 'scorched earth'. Apologize and you may regain your chance at information."
Nichole watched the Russian President glare at Ashnad'darii silently for four minutes. No one dared to interrupt the silence.
"I am sorry, Hive Empress. Please accept my forgiveness."
"See how easy it was? Alright, I'll tell you the price. One hundred thousand humans per year, per location identified. If you agree to allow us this-"
"I'm sorry," Nichole said. "Maybe I heard you wrong. Can you clarify what you just said? We wouldn't want to misunderstand what you mean."
The Hive Empress walked over to Nichole. Secretary Manning placed his hand on his gun. It wouldn't do anything against a hard light hologram, though. "What I mean, is that the Vinarii Empire's price for aiding you is one hundred thousand human souls to be sent to the Vinarii Empire. Per year. Each location that we identify for you raises that yearly number by another hundred thousand per year until your war ends."
"Explain why you think this price is necessary," President Feldram said.
"Nothing in this universe is free," Ashnad'darii said. "The Vinarii Empire recognizes this."
"This information will help you destroy your enemy if it is given to us," the British Prime Minister said.
"It is valuable, and things of value have a cost."
"So you want these humans as slaves? To test bioweapons on? To torture? Rape? Dissect? No, you're not getting a single human soul. Not even if you come here yourself and bow like the other Vinarii do to you."
Nichole stood up and walked towards Ashnad'darii's hologram. "You think yourself above us. Better than us. But if you attack us, we will bring your glorious empire to a quick and bloody end. We have... extensive experience with fighting superior forces. This system is under our control, and neither Alcubierre space nor speeding space will allow you entry into our system. You attack our peoples, the Breyyanik or Humanity, and you shall regret it. We have more than just guns and lasers defending us."
"Yes, you mean this... Gaia. We have measures in place to eliminate this being if necessary. But either pay our price, or walk away from these negotiations. I will return in an hour to hear your decision. Be sure it is the right one."
Ashnad'darii walked back out of the auditorium with Sri'icla in tow.
The auditorium filled with somewhat whispered conversations of leaders and diplomats. Frelney'Brey looked over to Nichole. She looked back at him.
Nichole voiced her thoughts. "They don't really want slaves, if they did, they would have showed up with a massive fleet and took them. There's something else at play. Maybe they don't really want the Trikkec destroyed. Common enemy promotes unity and all that."
"Agreed. It's probably that fact and also politics or more status-quo messes. But it could also be that the Empress is simply testing our control over ourselves. This could all be a game to her. I think we both know what must be done." Frelney'Brey smiled.
"Indeed. I believe it is time to initiate the Plan."
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2022.01.16 15:34 AyoSummy When life give you melons

You might be dyslexic
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2022.01.16 15:34 Relative_Mall5264 Do you listen to any specific music while playing BLEACH BRAVE SOULS ?

i love listening to this audio playlist while playing mmo games especially bleach brave souls it makes me feel like i'm in the game. give it a try i promise it'll make your gaming experience 100x better.
Do you guys listen to any specific Music or audios while you play if so what ? i'm curios and would like some suggestions.
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2022.01.16 15:34 A_randompers0n Happy Birthday Nick!! <3

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2022.01.16 15:34 -BZYSZN- Saw other people post there lil dab/smoke stations so I was inclined to post my own. My corner in the kitchen getting a little crowded

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2022.01.16 15:34 CthulhuT My ex gf destroyed my mental health

I’m going to try and make this as short and precise as I can so bare with me. I (29m) and my ex (26f) were in a relationship for about a year. I met her at a bar and she was this radiant person who caught my attention. We spent the whole time chatting, getting to know one another and realizing how compatible we were with what I thought at the time was shared values and whatnot. Our relationship was long distance but it wasn’t a huge problem as I was able to fly to see her quite a bit, she never came to me though and when I would fly there, I’d have to stay in a hotel away from her city. I never understood why but shrugged it off anyway. The relationship was great, she seemed to be what I wanted in a partner as she was supportive, loving and caring. I remember she would tell me things such as wanting to marry me and start a family with me, to which sounded great as that’s what I wanted. Months pass and it was still great until near the end when I found out she hid a huge secret from me. She was already married and for awhile. But she told me she didn’t love him, that she felt obligated to marry and to stay married to someone whom she felt was more or less a roommate to her. She would tell me she’d divorce him to be with me but because of some financial stipulations, it was hard and I needed to wait it out. However, I couldn’t. I felt betrayed, as anyone would. She deceived me and I felt manipulated by her, by someone I devoted myself to. It’s already hard for me to trust people and to love is a different story as it doesn’t just come. I felt comfortable and safe with her so I gave her my heart which she tore. I ended things with her and she threatened me showing me her true colours after all this time. So I feel that also led me down a more angry path. It has been months, maybe half a year now since we’ve broken up but I can’t seem to get rid of this anger towards her. I resent her and I hate her, but it’s the anger that resides in me that I cannot seem to control and rid of. I know I’m not the only one who has been in this position before, so those who have felt intense anger to their exes, what helped you move past it?. Would it be a bad idea if I texted her to let her know the pain she caused me? I don’t know how else to move on from this. Nobody has ever hurt me this terribly as she has. Later on, i decided to visit psychotherapist and psychiatrist as i fell into deep depression and anxiety plus i daydreamed a lot about hurting her so psychiatrist prescribed me risperidone ( atypical antipsychotics ) and antidepressants to get rid of those delusional thoughts. It didn’t really help. So now i wonder what to do next.
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2022.01.16 15:34 the-Geeky-Lad Fall 2022: Deadline crossed for McGill MS CS? Cannot find "Computer Science" or "Science" in list of departments

Fall 2022: Deadline crossed for McGill MS CS? Cannot find
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2022.01.16 15:34 Wac-Arnolds Where is Tropic Thunder?

Been playing the Tropic Thunder 2 server forever on Xbox One. Will these servers ever come back? Don’t have any interest in 2042 without hardcore mode on dedicated servers. That was the one server that always was packed and included all the dlc maps. It’s the end of an era if that server is gone for good.
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2022.01.16 15:34 swaggslime BUY 2 QTEES get one RARE mutant for free! Opensea.io/collection/qtee

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2022.01.16 15:34 SnooMacaroons8360 Chinese Steamed Pork Ribs w/ Rice Powder (粉蒸猪排)

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2022.01.16 15:34 Outside_Ad_1447 75:25 UPRO:TMF split with covered calls

Strategy: Holding 100 shares of UPRO and 100 shares of TMF and selling 30 delta weekly or monthly calls.
Would this be a good strategy be to sell covered calls in a $10,000 portfolio considering the recent split of UPRO and that premiums are high since these are triple leveraged and UPRO and TMF act as a stock/bond split though the fact that they are triple leveraged kind of ruins the point of splitting for risk/return but the covered calls allow. I think this strategy would be pretty good considering the high premiums and the fact that if assigned, just rebuy the shares using the premiums from both too make up for possible losses.
Note: UPRO can be replaced with TQQQ or TNA though UPRO is probably the best options considering diversification.
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