Wo ist meine Frage hin und wieso hab ich keine Nachricht erhalten?

2022.01.16 16:33 virtual_human21 Wo ist meine Frage hin und wieso hab ich keine Nachricht erhalten?

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2022.01.16 16:33 DemUnderground Same shit, different era

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2022.01.16 16:33 BD94 Approx 2 years on the sauce

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2022.01.16 16:33 augusta_pots Stacking drop-rim bowls with 'atmospheric overspray'

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2022.01.16 16:33 NoPixel_ Wen 2022 Mercedes-Benz?

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2022.01.16 16:33 -__-_-__-_-_-__ My work here is done!

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2022.01.16 16:33 Mathiuuus Enquête : "Le nain de l'accueil m'a mordu le pied." Drôle d'ambiance chez Basic-Fit à Saint-Étienne

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2022.01.16 16:33 MINECRAFT-BEE7 Is it a jojo reference?

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2022.01.16 16:33 jpd2979 Anyone in the St. Louis, MO area trying to do the NoFap challenge?

Hi all,
I'm trying to meet people in my local area who are also suffering from a porn addiction and are trying not to watch porn or masturbate. I'm not exactly sure how long I wanna do this, but I just know things aren't working out when I try to do it my way and I would like to meet up and just try to hold myself accountable. I kinda feel like online community support can only do so much for me. Although I would appreciate any and all advice you can give me to get to 30 days... A friend of mine said no hands under the covers, no laptop in my room, and no watching TV shows that I know have sex scenes (like Game of Thrones etc.) But yeah thanks. I hope this sticks this time because I want to see what's on the other side of the fence. I can't go on like this anymore...
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2022.01.16 16:33 Nervous-Ad-433 my parents say it's all too soon

Hi everybody. Last September I (f29) separated from my husband of 5 years, we were together all in all for ten years. We had a great relationship but sadly just before we got married he was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease which resulted in him becoming disabled. We went from a happy couple to me pushing my husband around in a wheelchair. We also spend 4 heartbreaking years going through failed fertility treatments and mentally I was done. We eventually separated and my ex moved out December after we lived apart in our shared house until he could move. I ended up being reacquainted with a man who I've known since I was 18. We've always had chemistry however life has always got in the way. We ended up going for dinner and the spark was instant. He lives an hour away from me, but we stayed in touch via messaging and started meeting up when we had time. It was so wonderful to have fun and smile again, and although I held back at first, I made the decision to let myself fall for this guy. I think its made easier by the fact I've known him so long.
We have been taking things extremely slowly, I haven't told my family as I don't want to be judged. However I told them today I've been dating somebody. I was met with criticism and told I'm rushing in and will get hurt. I really don't think I am as I've thought so long and hard about spending time with this man. He hasn't pushed me in any way and is very accepting of the circumstances. He is happy for me to still be in contact with my ex as I still help him around his bed home due to his disability. My parents reaction has upset me and has even made me feel angry. I've spent 5 years dealing with my infertility and it's impact on my mental health. As well as this, my fertility journey has given me the sad news I'm unlikely to ever concieve. This guy is adopted and is really bug on adoption because of it.he has accepted and understood I can't give him a child if we were to ever progress to such a stage. I'm finally at a happy place not BECAUSE of this new guy, but he's just a happy addition to my new life. I feel like telling me family that I went through so much heartache and would love a chance at happiness. I'm literally having to sneak around to see him at 29 years old. He has suggested us going away for a night soon but I'm having to decline as I'll be lying to my parents! Please help me to know what to do.
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2022.01.16 16:33 Gazelle-True hello,

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2022.01.16 16:33 Godan1899 Atlanta Falcons animal NFT!!

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2022.01.16 16:33 Raine_Whispers Poor terri

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2022.01.16 16:33 Separate_Run_8227 sunky colors ultimate

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2022.01.16 16:33 DemUnderground 'Smoking guns all around': Conservative connects dots

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2022.01.16 16:33 tarantulator Tree timeline

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2022.01.16 16:33 Chemical-Ad-2925 Man sem Querer ser Hater do cara mas olha isso Véi literalmente toda thumb desse canal é apelativa e a maioria dos comentários é só criança muitos canais de memes em imagens tem muito mais sucesso sem precisar apelar como o maçãzinha memes e o srmastermemes

Man sem Querer ser Hater do cara mas olha isso Véi literalmente toda thumb desse canal é apelativa e a maioria dos comentários é só criança muitos canais de memes em imagens tem muito mais sucesso sem precisar apelar como o maçãzinha memes e o srmastermemes submitted by Chemical-Ad-2925 to HUEstation [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 16:33 Neither_Credit_8872 Do you guys think it's time to stop farming?

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2022.01.16 16:33 Drakmamman Front of Tokyo Beerzilla

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2022.01.16 16:33 Party-Pizza-2071 Mom freaked out over my social media picture that included a significant other.

My (30F) mom texted me this morning because I put up a picture of my significant other, whom she knows about because she has talked to him and met him a few times in the six years that we have been together. She asked as though she was completely clueless about him. Here is the conversation.
Her: Who is the person with you? Me: It's Jason. Remember? Her: Dad is upset that you have this picture of him on social media. Me: I am sorry Dad feels upset. The picture is not going away. Her: Explain more please. Her: We need to have a conversation about your and your sister's decisions. We have trusted you so much and this is what is left of it.

I haven't responded to her yet because I don't think there really is a need for a conversation. She should know what is going on but is playing dumb like she doesn't know and is trying to interrogate. My facebook status states that I am in a relationship.
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2022.01.16 16:33 mhill199696 😂

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2022.01.16 16:33 chickenwithchips Me_irl

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2022.01.16 16:33 Interplain The Massacre at WLAR/G-7W, NO/YET/GGWP/RM vs TN/VOID/OG/SCG & Friends

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2022.01.16 16:33 DemUnderground I'm prepared to give up the filibuster...are you?

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2022.01.16 16:33 GTAclipster [Gta online]

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