Novikrezk, a post-Strahd settlement

2022.01.16 15:18 PandemicFling Novikrezk, a post-Strahd settlement

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2022.01.16 15:18 Limp-Balance-4146 Free Tspazz

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2022.01.16 15:18 goaticusguy Binging With Babish just did an episode over Meat-Ghetti & Spag-Balls

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2022.01.16 15:18 bikesniff Santa Cruz Bronson 2020, £2500 (Cumbria, UK)

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2022.01.16 15:18 PianoBag An evening photo I took a few years ago

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2022.01.16 15:18 xoxo_gossiper In Arnab Goswami's Voice KUCH BHIIIII! Yeh tejaswi ke fans bhi ussi ke tarah dilusional hai.

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2022.01.16 15:18 dudertheduder [WTB] Glock gen4 trigger spring, $10 shipped (GA)

I lost my trigger return spring when i installed timney alpha trigger. Not a huge fan of alpha. Didnt help my splits. So no use. Going back to oem Shadow Systems trigger, which was fine. Just gonna mess with connectors now.
WTB OEM glock trigger return spring, gen4, $10 bucks if shipped tomorrow. Throw er in an envelope. I dont care. Venmo or Cashapp or PP f and f. Whatever.
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2022.01.16 15:18 ilknurr 36% off >> $1,599.99 >> Xiaomi Pro X 14 2021 Laptop 14.0 inch Banggood Coupon Code [i7-11370H RTX3050 16+512GB]

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2022.01.16 15:18 Crazkur Malphite - A rumble in the deep

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2022.01.16 15:18 ContentForager2 Old gamer is impressed (/r/OLED)

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2022.01.16 15:18 Burgermitpommes Cycle boxes

Quick one here. Obviously motorbikes use these all the time but are there ever ANPR cameras which will fine you? Any way you can come a cropper sitting in them at the front of traffic light queues, anywhere but in particular in London?
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2022.01.16 15:18 ChillTaco7012 Dr. Stone Review (revised) - let me know what you think!

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2022.01.16 15:18 that-guy11_11 We did it boys I thank each and everyone of you for this we have taken down Mabey one of the biggest discord sites, to my knowledge this site has now been taken down but can anyone else confirm this great news

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2022.01.16 15:18 dbldown11 Does anybody actually enjoy world bosses?

World Bosses seem like one of the most cuttable elements of an expansion/patch's content and I don't know why we continue to get new ones.
I can't imagine a world boss encounter is satisfying or fun for nearly anyone. Most of the time (early in the week, at least), you show up with dozens of other people, you tag the boss and watch your framerate drop to nearly single digits, and then are essentially free to do whatever you like. Go hard on the boss, stand there idly and do nothing, literally smash your face into your keyboard, it's entirely irrelevant because the boss is slowly dying regardless.
The other scenario is that there aren't enough people there to fight the thing, and so you either scour party finder for a group and then proceed as above, or try it short handed and slog through an absolute mountain of hit points until either the boss dies or enough people trickle in that you can again proceed as above.
The mechanics for the world bosses are dead simple and extremely forgiving, and in the absolute worst case scenario where you die to them, you're still getting the loot.
There is no punishment for failure, they have little to no relevance for lore or immersion, and they're either a loot pinata chore early in their patch or totally irrelevant later.
Would anyone really miss world bosses if they weren't a thing in the next expansion? Would anyone really be sad if the time developing them was instead spent on literally anything else?
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2022.01.16 15:18 y3_xue [For Hire] Chibi commissions open!! info in comments

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2022.01.16 15:18 AceTrainerLiam ✅DRUM FOR YOUR LIFE! ♥ Pokémon Siri Battles (Fiancé vs Fiancée Pokémon Challenge)

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2022.01.16 15:18 Sweet_World2913 2nd striker next to mbappe

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2022.01.16 15:18 lolanko41 2nd Aviation 🛫 enthusiasts MEET-UP on January 22 at Munich Int. Airport 🤗

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2022.01.16 15:18 jlalaxen Are these oysters? They were growing on birch tree. Uk midlands. Thanks!

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2022.01.16 15:18 snowsms what is the last thing you do before going to bed at night?

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2022.01.16 15:18 krankyfox Idle hunting 1998 Honda accord lx (I4 4AT 170k mi)

In past winters, between freezing and 45 F, the idle would hunt/swing while the car is warming up, specifically while coasting on level ground or down hill. The idle does not hunt while the car is not moving period. The severity of the swing ranges from 50-250 rpm between 1000 and 1250 rpm depending on ambient temperature and how close the car is to operating temperature (larger swings when cold). As soon as its at operating temp, the idle hunt stops completely independent of ambient temperature. Sometime recently, I had to clean out the EGR valve and passages. This solved the EGR problems but somehow exacerbated the idle hunting problems. I read advice that said i needed to clean out the IACV so i did just that. Replaced the gasket, bled the coolant, everything. It still idle hunts the same as it did post EGR cleaning/seemed to have no effect. Now it idle hunts any time of the year, but still only during warm up and only if im not applying the accelerator (coasting downhill or on a level surface as previously stated). Do i need to completely replace the IACV or might it be a vacuum leak somewhere? I’ve yet to find any answers regarding my specific situation. Considering it doesn’t really affect the car’s performance, I’ve been putting it off, but it really bothers me, especially right now at its worst in winter. Any advice is appreciated.
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2022.01.16 15:18 jazzman5000 Carl T. Huber's Single Barrel Bourbon Finished in Armagnac Barrels (r/bourbon pick)

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2022.01.16 15:18 hospitable_peppers Not a fan of my new glasses

So I bought a pair of new glasses at the end of the year. They are the same prescription as my old ones, only a bit smaller with bigger sides. However, they've been giving me loads of issues. One of the most jarring is that light reflects from behind, so if I'm watching TV I can see light going around the edges and on the bottom. The effect increases at night time so driving is pretty much impossible because I get too distracted from the reflected light. It sucks because I'm extremely light-sensative and this effect can be blinding at times.
Another issue I have (that I had with my previous glasses) is that I get a 3D effect on certain colors (offscreen or on screen). If I look at the colors blue and red, blue sort of jumps out at me while the red kind of sinks in (if they're together; if they're not, red is the one that jumps out). I'm told this is due to the curvature of my lens. I'm used to it by now though it is distracting when I'm watching a scene of a show that has blue/red undertones.
The other issue is the fit itself. I got them at first because I liked how they looked, and they were of course too tight, like they were squeezing the side of my head. I got it adjusted but now (while they still feel tight) they continuously fall down my face.
I've been seeing the same optician since I started wearing glasses 5 years ago so I think now is the time for a second opinion. The main thing I was wondering about is the light issue I have with these new glasses. I'm not sure if it's really because of the size of the lenses, but again I've never had this issue before and I got Anti-glare/reflective in all of my lenses so I'm not sure what the issue is here.
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2022.01.16 15:18 DeanTheDull Economic Guide: All Hail the Humble Trade Good! The Most* Pop-Efficient Economic Asset You Didn’t Know You Were Missing Out On (*Terms and Good Relations Apply)

TL;DR: Did you know you can run a pure specialist economy off of nothing but trade-good artisans with 0 workers before the mid-game? Because you can, if you can play nice with your neighbors.
This is one for newer players, or those who get lured by clickbait titles. File this under ‘economic trick I’ve never heard anyone else recommend’, with a side of ‘I gotta play me some more Rogue Servitor,’ because that’s the easiest way to see this in action.
This posting is too big for one Reddit post. CTRL-F the :#: of the section below.

:1: The Stellaris Economic Pyramid
:2: The Interstellar Trade-Deal Economy
:3: Restrictions, Risks, and Rewards
:3.1: Restrictions
:3.2: Risk Management
:3: Reward Payoffs
:4: Build Synergies

:1: The Stellaris Economic Pyramid
If you’re like most people, if you had to describe the Stellaris economy it’d be something of a pyramid. Pops are your building blocks for all jobs. Worker jobs are your foundation, and early on most pops are worker-tier because worker job outputs- energy/minerals/food- are what let you build more jobs and pay the upkeep for the jobs you have. Above them, but narrower and fewer is number, is your industrial core. Industrial districts provide your alloys for fleets and CG for pop upkeep and other specialists. However, Industrial districts are limited by the number of mineral income you have, and you need more miners than industrial workers early on. Finally, at the top, are your abstract resource specialists- science and unity workers- who take the CG from industrial districts and turn them into abstract resources that can’t be traded. These are the pinnacle of what make your empire stronger- traditions and technologies improving the power of your fleets and other pops- but they are fewer than industrial workers for the same reason that industrial workers are fewer than workers.

At the start of the game, there are pretty clear chokepoints, and while technologies and modifiers and space deposits can help you narrow your worker base- you need fewer workers to support more industrial workers and more specialists- it’s still generally more of a pyramid than a skyscraper.

If you subscribe to this model, you probably think of CG is something that’s little more than an upkeep resource. You need it to pay for living standards and specialist jobs, but nothing else. You therefore want to minimize your number of pops employed as CG workers..

This leads to the basic colonization model of using guaranteed worlds as resource colonies for your homeworld. Because the homeworld can’t change planet designations, its workers get no output bonuses. Your guaranteed colonies can get a 25% resource designation. Even when factoring in the -10% job output of -20 habitability, that’s still a 115% efficient worker- who, in turn, uses less CG than a specialist.

So you use your colonies for worker production, and your homeworld for industrial production, even though technically even a full 25% boost to a base 4 miner job is only 1 extra mineral, and a 20% mineral reduction cost to a base 6 industrial worker is 1.2 minerals saved and thus a homeworld minecolony industrial worker would be more mineral-efficient. Habitability penalties on the colonies would lower the output and require more CG workers, however, and since we want to minimize CG as a fraction of our economy, we avoid it.

This is the crux of the Stellaris economic model. Resource are used to bring in raw resources. Centralized industrial centers refine them. Planetary and pop-efficiency and techs are used to make a wide pyramid narrower to afford more scientists and unity workers per worker-job.

This model is stable, self-sufficient, and reliable. It’s economically independent, doesn’t need any external inputs, and scales as your empire does and you bring in more resources to your internal economy.

This is also the concept of economic autarky.

There’s a reason why real-world economists laugh at the countries that pursue it.

:2: The Interstellar Trade-Deal Economy

This has nothing to do with trade value, and everything to do with diplomacy.

Stellaris abstracts non-building economic exchanges through something it calls the Market. You can think of it in most empires as when governments buy things from private companies instead of make them with state-owned enterprises, or in gestalts as less-efficient short-term projects rather than permanent infrastructure.

The Market provides a base value for all tangible/tradeable resources. Basic worker resources (food/mineral/energy) are worth base 1. CG are base 2. Alloys are base 4. And so on. These serve as the assumed base value of all resources, and what people and AI use as a baseline as a default relative value of resources, independent of any factor of ‘need.’

Before the galactic community creates the galactic market, this is called the Internal Market, which has a 30% conversion penalty when buying or selling items. This means a base one mineral costs 1.3 energy to buy, but only sells for 0.7 energy. It has its uses- technicians are more efficient buying minerals than miners are a mining them- but on top of the % market fee, there is a steady state price effect. Buying a resource raises the price of the next purchase, which takes time to lower down to the resting default. You can only make monthly trades for up to half the small unit of purchase (ie, you can buy 100 minerals, or monthly-trade 50) and have prices return to the resting ‘norm.’ Any more, and cost will gradually go up this month. Ergo, while you want to use technicians instead of miners to buy your first 50 minerals, afterwards you still need minerals.

A CG has base value 2. Selling 6 of them at the 30% market fee doesn’t give 12 energy, but 8.4. If you tried to use that to buy your own minerals, you could, but 6 minerals purchased off the market is 7.8. That is technically self-sustaining, at least for the first 50 minerals purchased/25 CG sold, but there’s no real profit. It takes the pop employed to produce the CG from the bought minerals, and at best you’ll looking at about .6 energy profit. If you employed a pop as a technician, you could be making 6 energy instead.

Selling CG on the internal market to buy minerals to build CG is not profitable or pop-efficient.
Trading CG, however, can be extremely profitable and pop-efficient.

As a diplomatic trade deal in monthly installments, the AI doesn’t look at the market conversion rates and leave it at that. Instead, AI consider deals as a factor of both their own economic considerations- do they have surpluses and stockpiles or shortages- and, more important, as a function of opinion. At positive opinion levels above neutral, the AI will accept better-than-market trade terms.

At cordial relations- the first level above neutral- the AI can be willing to trade for CG at up to 2 or even 3 base value 1 resources (energy/mineral/food) to per every base value 2 CG. At friendly, they can even go to nearly 4-to-1 depending on the neighbor’s economy.

If you remembered that minerals are converted into CG at a 1-to-1 mineral-to-CG ratio, so that 6 CG cost 6 minerals, but can be traded for 12, or 18, or even 24 minerals…

Miners start at base 4 minerals a pop. They don’t get 6 minerals until they get a colony designation and a mineral-boosting building. They will realistically never get a net 18 minerals per worker.

This means that a CG-trading artisan can be worth- as early as first contact with a same-ethics friendly encounter alloys a 2-for-1 traide- 1.5 miner pops. At 3-to-1 CG-to-mineral trade, this becomes 12 net minerals, or 1 artisan is worth 3 basic miners. Now apply this to food or energy…

As long as you have friendly allies to trade with, CG are an incredibly pop-efficient trade good to acquire basic resources with.

Forget the economic pyramid or even skyscraper model- this is an economic hovercraft, where consumer good workers alone provide for all other resources for all other jobs. The best role for your guaranteed worlds won’t be as resource colonies, but industrial colonies, trading CG for more minerals and energy and food than you could produce with the same pops. You will have more materials to throw into the industrial districts for more alloys for fleets or CG for specialists than you would otherwise.

This is why economic autarky is generally derided as an economic model in a context of international trade. When you can trade higher-value trade goods for lower-value resources at a profit, you will naturally get more profit focusing on the production of trade goods and then trading them instead of providing your own raw materials to then make trade goods.

Of course, terms and conditions apply. Autarky is comfortable for a reason, one of which is reliability. Adopting an economic trade strategy blindly is only going to see you crash and burn harder than the First League.

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2022.01.16 15:18 Snipard First attempt with sous vide! 129F for 2 hours, seared in a cast iron skillet.

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